Be Careful of Debt Settlement Scams

Consumers considering debt settlement plans must be careful.  Unfortunately, there are companies out there that are willing to take advantage of those looking at large amounts of tax debt. An expert’s analysis of the debt settlement scams is quite striking:

These companies also run ads on the radio and television. They sound pretty tempting and I even called one and got all of the information. The written information, if anyone reads it, is totally different than the sales pitch. If you sign up and follow through, you will ruin your credit in just a few months.

The analyst’s overview of the scam went on, citing monthly fees that are required from the customer, and the switch of mailing address from the customer to the company – giving the allusion that it has stopped, because the customer has not received creditors’ statements any longer.

Customers looking at debt settlements need to be careful. The desperation that some customers have can lead them into a much more disastrous place, in the hands of a scam such as what was just seen.  Indeed, a much larger financial disaster would develop.

At Debtmerica, we are different.  In business for a number of years, we do no collect fees until your debt is settled.  Our service helps you get rid of your debt – permanently.

An accredited member of TASC, and an organization that requires our Debt Consultants to attain certification from IAPDA, Debtmerica has gained a number of achievements and honors for the work done.