How to Make Next Year’s Taxes Easy

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Does the name Uncle Sam make you cower in fear of filing next year’s taxes? Though you probably want to put taxes out of your mind until the calendar year has changed, you’ll keep next season’s stress levels down by getting organized early.

Just as regular teeth cleanings make your dental checkups less painful, checking in on your finances throughout the year can minimize the tax-time pain too. See five ways to create a less stressful tax season in 2013.

1. Double-Check Your W-4

If you owed taxes this year or received a huge refund, chances are your W-4 withholding amounts are off. Pay a visit to your company’s human resources department and find out if you should fill out a new form with more accurate information.

2. Archive Your Old Tax Returns

Unfortunately, previous years’ tax returns should not be treated with an out-of-sight, out-of-mind mentality. Archive these documents so they are readily available should you need to reference them, but keep them separate from anything that has to do with the current year’s taxes.

3. Create New Files

Instead of throwing all of your receipts and documents in the same envelope, create a filing system for the current year’s taxes. It just takes a Sharpie and a couple of folders to get organized.

4. Hold On to the Important Information

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