Digitize Your Finances with the Right Tools

You don’t have to be a tech maniac to know that the world has gone digital.

Gone are the days of using our computers to just send an email, or using our phones to just make a call. Now, consumers are using their mobile devices to do everything from reading the news to paying their bills.

And it’s a good thing. Going digital with your finances means reducing the amount of paper clutter in your life, reducing the amount of stress in your life (oftentimes caused by the aforementioned paper clutter), and bringing a brand new level of convenience to your day-to-day routine that you may have never thought existed.

But for those of you who haven’t digitized the way you manage your money, here are three valuable tools, online and on your mobile device, which will allow you to electronically manage your finances and, as a result, bring you peace of mind.


Manilla.com is the award-winning, free, and secure online and mobile service that lets consumers manage all of their bills and accounts in one place. With a single login, consumers can manage their financial accounts, household accounts and utilities, travel rewards programs, newspaper and magazine subscriptions, and more. They can even manage their OpenTable reservations, Netflix queues, Groupons and LivingSocial vouchers.

Manilla provides free, unlimited document storage. That means it automatically pulls, organizes and stores your account documents forever, for free. Plus, Manilla sends automatic reminders via email or text message when your bills are almost due, when your travel points and miles are about to expire, or when it’s time to use your Groupons or LivingSocial vouchers. That way, you’ll never miss a late payment and, therefore, never waste money on unnecessary late fees.

And if you’d rather manage your accounts from your phone, Manilla has 4+ star user-rated mobile apps for the iPhone and Android.

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Credit Sesame

If you’re reading this, we’re guessing you’ve got a pretty good idea about who Credit Sesame is—a free service that helps consumers track their credit and better manage their debt. Credit Sesame provides automatic loans- and debt-tracking tools that help consumers always know where they stand financially. As soon as you sign up, Credit Sesame automatically pulls in your financial information and is able to show you your free credit score.

Credit Sesame and Manilla.com are great tools to use in conjunction with each other; Credit Sesame can help you manage your credit and debt, while Manilla can help you manage everything else in your life.

Online banking websites and apps

If you haven’t already gone digital, whether online or mobile, with your banking, check out Chase online bank bill pay or the website of your preferred bank to see if it’s worth a shot. Chase Bank’s mobile app for the iPhone is one of our favorite apps because you can do virtually anything on the app that you can do at an ATM or at the bank itself.

For example, you can deposit money right from your phone by taking photos of the front and back of a check. You just upload the image of the check and, like magic, you’ve made a deposit. The Chase app also lets you make quick and easy account transfers that take less than 30 seconds.

So there you have it: three digital tools that will make managing your financial life easier, more convenient and clutter-free.

Sarah Kaufman is the managing editor of the Manilla Blog and marketing manager of Manilla.com, a free service that helps consumers manage all of their bills and accounts in one place online. Sign up for Manilla today for FREE.