Your November Financial To-Dos

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It’s that time.

The holidays are creeping up on us … or rather, speeding. Wasn’t it just Halloween? Better put away that candy corn.

Before we dive into The Most Wonderful Time of the Year™, there’s a teensy-weensy preliminary event: a presidential election. No matter who wins, though, our money still needs to be managed and our lives still need to be organized. For that reason, we’ve assembled a few low-key financial to-dos perfect for your busy month.

Vote. Deadline: Tues, Nov. 6

Voting might not seem like a financial to-do, but really, what could have more effect on your money than helping determine the country’s fiscal policy for the next four years? Place your support behind the candidate who best represents you and whose vision for our country best aligns with yours. Not sure who that is? Consult our chart describing each candidate’s stance on 19 major financial issues.

Start Planning Your Holiday. Deadline: Fri, Nov. 9

We know it seems soon, but think about it this way: Thanksgiving is less than three weeks away. (No pressure.) There are actually a handful of reasons starting your holiday planning early is a good idea, chief among them that is has the potential to save you money. To figure out where you should start, consult our six reasons to start planning your holiday this weekend.

Reassess Your Budget. Deadline: Fri, Nov. 16

Go to the LV Money Center to make sure you’re sticking to your current budget. Adjust your numbers if your income, goals or lifestyle has changed. Especially keeping in mind that the holidays come with a whole host of expenses (travel, gifts, treats), you might want to do some tweaking for the season.

Shop Smart. Deadline: Fri, Nov. 23

Let’s be real: You’re totally going shopping this month. Even if you’ve pulled the coup of the year and managed to get all of your gifts ahead of time (you bought your plane tickets and planned your menu, too, you model of preparedness) an opportunity will arise to shop for gifts with a less-prepared friend and you can pass our wisdom on to her. Our wisdom is this: shop smart. Take advantage of these savings secrets from department store insiders and make this the a budget-friendly holiday season to beat.

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Get Festive. Deadline: Fri, Nov. 30

Slowly but surely, that holiday Pinterest board is getting to us. But who has the spare cash (not to mention the craft skills) to respectably emulate those impeccably decorated homes? We found a solution. This year, we consulted a pro to learn to create affordable, elegant home decor that requires minimal craft skills.

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