This May Lead to Lower Income Among Men

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single parentsRemember the “Mancession?”

By now, we all know the drill: More women are graduating from college, more women are getting graduate degrees and more women are in the workforce. So where does this leave our men?

In a conversation that went mainstream with Hanna Rosin’s 2010 Atlantic article “The End of Men,” various explanations have been put forward for the general decline among male wages in recent years. The Wall Street Journal reports that one of the latest theories comes from David H. Autor, a prominent labor economist and professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, whose analysis of existing research finds that single parenthood might be largely to blame.

The logic goes like this: Fewer and fewer children live in dual-parent households (the exact stat is 63% of children living in such a household in 2010, compared to 82% in 1970), most of the children remaining are raised by single mothers and men raised by single mothers are increasingly at a disadvantage.

The idea is that these women chose to raise their children alone because the men available to be partners were unsuccessful, and therefore less attractive–but will raise men who are unsuccessful and less attractive to the next generation of women, who will again choose to raise their sons without men. In that way, single parents (specifically, single moms of boys) are creating a self-defeating cycle.

This theory isn’t uplifting by any means, but it is only that: a theory.

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