Use Pinterest to Save Money

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Have you looked around Pinterest?  Or, are you a Pinterest member who has to spend a few minutes (or more) every day browsing and pinning?  (It’s addictive, I tell you!)

I recently spoke to a friend who said she never went on Pinterest because she thought it was just a place for bored housewives to go to waste time.  I’m guessing she’s not alone in her opinion.

If you also think that, you’re missing out on the power of Pinterest to help you improve your finances.

Think of Pinterest like a giant search engine that can help you save money in more ways than you can ever imagine.  If you’re not on Pinterest, you’re missing out and probably spending more money than you need to.

Frugal Tips

Is your grocery budget tight for the month?  Or maybe you just want to cut your costs and you think the grocery budget is a good way to do just that.

That doesn’t mean you have to live on endless versions of beans and rice.  There are plenty of frugal recipes on Pinterest.  You can save money and eat healthy by preparing meals like Cheap and Easy Hamburger Stir Fry and even more adventurous foods like Pumpkin Hummus.

Besides recipes and grocery stretching tips, you can find plenty of other frugal tips like lessons learned from the Great Depression, how to keep fruit fresh, and how to save on baby gear.  This is just a sampling.  There are many more suggestions and ideas.  Just search frugal or thrifty tips.


Too many items that still have life in them end up in the landfills.  Pinterest can help you save money and protect the environment by showing you ways to upcycle your clothes.

I’ve recently lost weight, and I have about 10 t-shirts that no longer fit me.  A quick look through Pinterest has given me several ideas for what to do with the t-shirts–create hairbands and jersey dresses for my daughters or create a braided rug for the kitchen, just to name a few of the crafts I found.

Not only am I saving my old shirts from the landfill, but I’m also making items for my daughters that I won’t have to buy, keeping more money in my pocket.

Home Repairs

Still think Pinterest is just for women?  Not so fast.  Men (and women) can find out how to make home repairs themselves.  A quick search on home repairs on Pinterest shows such varied topics as how to paint a porch and how to resolve disputes over home repair estimates.

Pinterest is fun and can be addictive.  But it’s not just a fluff filled site of pretty dresses and hairstyles for bored housewives.

Spending a few minutes a day on Pinterest can teach you many ways to save money and stretch what you already have.  Using this site can indeed make you richer in both knowledge and cash.

Have you joined Pinterest yet?  If so, what are your favorite things to search for?