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10 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Food Lovers

So you’ve searched and searched but still can’t come up with the perfect gift for the food lover on your list. Not only that, there’s barely any time left to shop. We’re all about saving a dollar, and with the cost of groceries on the rise, what could be better than giving a gift that saves the recipient some dough? Here are our best ideas that will spread some Christmas cheer to the kitchen master in your life.

10 Gift Ideas for Food Lovers

1. Bag Re-sealer

Good things come in small packages, but potato chips don’t – come in small packages, that is. There’s nothing worse than opening a bag of chips, twisting it closed, and then coming back to it only to realize the bag didn’t seal properly. That whole bag of chips? Stale. This ingenious device ensure that will never happen again. Simply swipe the sealer along the top of the opened bag and – presto – no more stale Cheetos. It even comes with a magnet for easy storage. Stick it to your refrigerator. But first stick it in someone’s stocking. Check out the iTouchless Bag re-sealer.

2. Permanent Coffee Filters

Who knew? No need to buy paper filters for your coffee pot ever again. Permanent filters come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit your coffee pot, are green and save green. Save your grounds in an outdoor planter and use them to grow herbs in the spring. Think of all the money your loved-one will save on coffee filters. How about these from Mr. Coffee?

3. Oven-liner

If you’ve ever opened your oven after years of use to find baked on food that’s no longer recognizable as food, oven liners are a great idea. Give the gift of never having to clean an oven again. No more yucky chemical smells when trying to scrub all the rock hard goop off the bottom or your oven. No more wasting energy running the self-cleaning element. Oven liners are easy to remove and easy to clean. What more could you ask for?

4. Bread Machine

If your better half has a secret hankering to be Betty Crocker, then a bread maker is just what they need. It used to be expensive to purchase a good machine, but these days you can pick one up for around $50. After 16 loaves of bread your “gift” has paid for itself. Those with gluten allergies will be especially grateful because with a plethora of gluten-free flours on the market it’s easier than ever to bake healthy loaves for the whole family.

5. Lunch Box

Sure, it sounds like something you’d give to a ten-year-old, but these handy-dandy containers are made from reusable silicon and they’re about as cool as the sliced bread they carry. Expandable, portable and easy to use, they collapse back to a more manageable size when you’re done eating. No more sandwich bags, plastic forks or cumbersome plastic containers. This one from Smart Planet even come with a condiment container and a spork.

6. Crock Pot

You know all those “Easy Crock pot Meals” articles mommy bloggers post constantly? There’s a reason why they’re so popular. Not only are crock pot meals easy to prepare and almost always have leftovers, crockpot cooking turns cheap meat into fall-off-the-bone goodness. Simply throw meat in your pot with vegetables and your favorite can of soup (we recommend French Onion or Mushroom soup, or both) and by the end of the day you’ll have a good meal ready to serve!

7. Cookie Sheet Liner

Okay, raise your hand if you’ve ever watched your spouse ruin a batch of cookies. Now raise your hand if you’ve also watched them wrestle with a batch of dough. Not only does this handy-dandy sheet do a great job at insulating your cookies from too much heat, it’s non-stick, too. The surface works great for rolling out that dough. No more crispy cookies or gooey fingers.

8. Garlic Chopper

Our favorite money-saving gadget by far, the GarlicZoom makes chopping fresh garlic so easy your loved one will wonder what they ever did without it. No more buying jars of pre-minced garlic that take up space in the refrigerator. If you find yourself with extra, leave it in the Garlic Zoom and store in the ‘fridge for your next meal. The blades are removable for easy cleaning and the whole thing is dishwasher safe. Why buy something in a glass jar if you don’t have to?

9. Water Filter

Why do we pay extra for something that comes out of the tap? The convenience of an easy-to-go bottle, right? Now you can get water filtration systems that come with reusable bottles. No more having to recycle plastic containers. No more spending a small fortune regularly on something that’s so easily accessible. If you have your own water bottles, a filter pitcher is the perfect gift. Not only do they make water more safe, they save people money in the long run. They come in a number of sizes, from small pitchers for your starving student to bigger versions for large families.

10. Kitchen Gadgets

A quick trip to the cooking store revealed a whole host of cooking gadgets guaranteed to please your mate. Check out the “Scrap Trap.” It hangs on a kitchen drawer so you can scrape all your scraps into it. Or the “5-way Opener,” a tool even McGyver would admire with its ability to open everything from bottle caps to those impossible jars of pickles. Or how about “Egg Rings?” Your loved one’s eggs will never look like the Asian continent again. (Plus, they work for pancakes, too.)There are ice cube molds that will make you chuckle (Hans Solo, anyone?) and things you’ll want for yourself (a pour spout that slips on to pots and pans).

So go on – get shopping. Young or old, the above items are guaranteed to be a hit, and to make you look like a hero when you explain their super money-saving power.