How Do You Choose a Debt Settlement Company?

Choosing a debt settlement company can be a daunting task itself. There are many companies out there that make big promises and unfortunately have a reputation of not delivering. There are sadly many stories out there about scams and other fly-by-night companies that offer no help at all to the innocent person honestly trying to resolve their debt. Some of these companies would offer a debt consolidation solution but charge up-front fees, initiation costs, retainer fees, or other charges before they even lift a finger to help the customer. Fortunately, many of these companies are no longer in business.

Consider Fees, Accreditation, and Services

When choosing which debt settlement company you want to work with, it is important to consider several factors. Does the company charge up-front fees or consultation charges? Are they accredited by The American Fair Credit Council (AFCC) or affiliated with the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA)? What kind of personalized services do you receive with each company? How easy is it to reach a representative to discuss your case?

Turning the Tables

I can tell you that after spending 15 years on the sides of creditors who utilize any means possible to try to get their money from you, I am now proud to finally work in a position that allows me to turn the tables and actually help my clients settle their overwhelming debts.

I am proud to represent Debtmerica because our reputation for proven results stands alone. We have been an industry leader for 10 years, always adhering to the compliancy recommendations set for our industry by the AFCC, and proud members of the IAPDA. We are able to give you an honest assessment of your debt through a free debt evaluation to make sure we can help you prior to accepting you as a client. If there is any doubt that we will have problems working with one of your creditors, we will disclose that information to you immediately. We will be able to negotiate and have your debt eliminated anywhere from 2-4 years depending on the amount of debt, while re-establishing your credit.

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Make Your Debt Work For You

Working for Debtmerica allows me to help educate people on how to make their credit and debt work for them, as well as helping many struggling families re-establish their credit and get out from underneath their financial burden. Additionally, programs offered by Debtmerica are performance based, which means we do not receive any fees until a settlement has been reached. So at the end of the day it is a great feeling knowing I am helping individuals and families every day.

You Can Breathe Again

With all things considered, debt settlement is usually the best option for people who find themselves drowning in outstanding unsecured debt. Once you’ve enrolled in a debt settlement program you will be able to finally breathe knowing that you are in the trained hands of professionals there to help you. Choosing Debtmerica to provide that assistance can be the first step in turning your financial situation around.

Photo: ERA Credit Services