Here’s the $365,000 watch the man who designed the iPhone wears

Everybody knows Jonathan Ive. The master craftsman at Apple, who is behind legendary products like the iMac, iPod, iPhone and the iPad influences and touches all our lives knowingly or otherwise. There probably isn’t a popular gadget out there that hasn’t been either designed by him or inspired by his designs.

He is the Senior Vice President of Design at Apple Inc. and considered one of the Top 100 Influential People in the world.


He is the master brain behind the legendary designs of iPad, iMac and iPod and is famous (for lack of a better word) for being precise and sharp with this designs.

But one might wonder, as we often do with the rich and famous, what would Sir. Jonathan Ive wear and call his personal favorites, when it comes to design? Take for example his watch, especially since it is rumored that Apple is working on an “iWatch.”

Well, according to this article, here is the watch he wears. He designed it himself for an AIDS-charity auction and it is only one of three in the world. Estimated at ~$15K, it was auctioned off at $365,000!


Well, Sir. Jonathan Ive’s watch is obviously no ordinary one. It is uniquely one among only 3 available in the world, and was crafted by Swiss high-end brand Jaeger-LeCoultre (did you pronounce that right?).


What’s so unique about this watch? Well, a couple of things.

1. It is worth 365,000 USD!

Evaluated at ~$15K, the watch was auctioned off at $365,000. For a watch, that is quite a price. (Source)

2. He custom designed it for the auction.

He designed his own watch… that’s hardcore. (Source)

3. There are only two other such pieces in this world.

Ok, that explains it. (Source)


Here’s the other watch from the auction, the ATMOS 561, which was auctioned at 425,000 USD at Sotheby’s. (Source)

The auction featured icons of design selected by Sir Jonathan Ive and Marc Newson and works that were personally customized by the pair.

So, there you have it. The super-expensive and extremely rare watch Apple’s ace designer wears as an accessory.

What do you think?

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