43 Weird Things People Sneak In Through US Airports (And get Caught)

From deer penis to Lost – Season 4 Pirated DVD’s, they tried it all – and got caught.

Photographed by  Taryn Simon for her book and exhibition, “Contraband,” these items are some examples of what people try to smuggle into the USA, day in and day out, by plane and by mail. Want to see something gross? Scroll down!

1. Lard, sent from Ukraine.strange_contraband_01

2. GBL, A date rape drug, sent from Poland.

3. Unidentified liquid hidden in thermos and satin bedding.strange_contraband_44

4. Artillery King sexual enhancement drugs, from China.strange_contraband_43

5. Salami in plastic pitcher, from Eastern Europe.strange_contraband_42

6. Horse sausage from Eastern Europe.strange_contraband_41

7. Cycad plant from South Africa.strange_contraband_40

8. Enfield 1858 percussion pistol from Afghanistan.strange_contraband_39

9. Random pills from China.strange_contraband_38

10. Pharmaceutical drugs from Pakistan.strange_contraband_37

11. Peppers from Ghana.strange_contraband_36

12. Counterfeit Disney characters in nesting dolls.strange_contraband_35

13. Dry Khat leaves, from Kenya.strange_contraband_34

14. Ketamine bottles from India.strange_contraband_33

15. Hydrocodone, from India.strange_contraband_32

16. Heroin, from India.strange_contraband_31

17. Precious gemstones from Sri Lanka.strange_contraband_30

18. Counterfeit cologne brands.strange_contraband_29

19. Fake Viagra brand (USA Visagra) from China.strange_contraband_28

20. Deer antlers.strange_contraband_27

21. Cow dung toothpaste, from India.strange_contraband_26

22. Juan Lopez and Hoyo De Monterrey cigars from Cuba.strange_contraband_25

23. Marlboro cigarette packages.strange_contraband_24

24. Cow hoof bottle.strange_contraband_23

25. Bird corpse for home decor, from Indonesia.strange_contraband_22

26. Stalks of millet, from India.strange_contraband_21

27. Oxalis Tuberosa plant, from Indonesia.strange_contraband_20

28. Unlabeled liquid.strange_contraband_19

29. Natural sugarcane chewing gum, from Jamaica.strange_contraband_18

30. Unidentified dead mammal, from Indonesia.strange_contraband_17

31. Smoking accessories.strange_contraband_16

32. Steroids, from Pakistan.strange_contraband_15

33. Gold ornaments hidden in leather cases.strange_contraband_14

34. Insect larvae & butterfly pupae, from India.strange_contraband_13

35. Chicken feet, from China.strange_contraband_12

36. Unlabeled white powder.strange_contraband_11

37. Pirated DVDs of Lost, Season 4.strange_contraband_10

38. Guinea pigs, from Ecuador.strange_contraband_09

39. Fake drugs, from South Africa.strange_contraband_06

40. Counterfeit Patek Philippe watches, from China.strange_contraband_05

41. Gold dust in postal cover, from India.strange_contraband_03

42. Deer penis, from Asia.


43. Disguised counterfeit Louis Vuitton handbags, from China.


Reference – Forbes, ViralnovaHuffingtonpost.
All pictures courtesy of Taryn Simon

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