This Massive $35 Million Home Belongs To The CEO of an Adult Website, And It’s Super Awesome!

Remember AdultFriendFinder? Those ads that were all over the internet, back in the Geocities days? If you used the internet back in the 90s and early 2000s, you couldn’t have missed them. AdultFriendFinder was a pretty successful matchmaking website before eHarmony and came along.

Marc Bell, a financier, producer, and its former CEO, is selling his massive South Florida home. At $35 million, it’s the most expensive home ever listed in the city of Boca Raton, an affluent enclave north of Miami.

Spectacular, isn’t it? Well, all this from those ads, I suppose.


 Every good mansion has a beautiful custom pool that’s so lavish, the jacuzzi tubs are surrounded by rocks, fountains, waterfalls and…


… A giant chess board.


Someone got a visit from the Curb Appeal gods!


The property is often referred to as the “Star Trek” mansion because of these nerd-worthy design choices.


A drink in outer space, anyone?


A replica of the bridge from Star Trek, the doors of this in-home theater have the same sound-effects from the TV series. Even the ceiling has hundreds of thousands of glittering stars in it!



If you bought this house, you’d never have to worry about not having enough seating. Slumber parties, dinner parties, wedding parties…


This is quite possibly the dreamiest kitchen out there–two microwaves? Built-in butcher block? All that marble, and all those sinks?



We’ve counted four dining areas, indoors and outdoors. With a kitchen like that, Mr. Bell probably needs it.


If a Star Trek themed movie theater wasn’t enough, this entertainment room should be perfect for Saturday morning reruns of Enterprise.


We call dibs on that bean bag chair in the corner.


This 60 game arcade (some of which date back to the 70s) was once a 2,000 square-foot ballroom.


It probably was an awesome ballroom, but as this home is “all about living and entertaining on a very grand scale,” we like this configuration better. (Palm Beach Post)



A personalized fitness gym.34

For the little sailor.35

A game room with the right ambience! (Is it a bunker I see?)

Via Business Insider.

Which are your favorite rooms?