Money Management App Manilla Shuts Down : Here’s What You Should Do Immediately!

So, the news is out that Manilla, the popular money management app is shutting down on July 1st, 2014.

It is a sad news to me, personally, as I’ve been a regular user of Manilla. It was a neat app that would give me bill payment reminders and effectively helped me manage my personal finance portfolio.

Now that the app is going down, a question from many users like me would be – What happens to my data?

It is scary, to know what Manilla had all my financial data. I trusted it. What happens now?

Well, the best thing you can do is go delete the account and ensure that none of your data remains on the site.

I’m sure it is still sitting somewhere out there and there might be no guaranteed and 100% way to delete everything off. But it’s better than leaving it undeleted.

Here’s what you should do.

Steps to delete your Manilla account

1. Go to your Manilla app account.

2. On the top right hand menu click “Manage Accounts”


3. Now all your linked accounts will show up.

4. Click on the arrow button next to each account and it will reveal your account login details.

5. Click on the “Delete Account” link on each account to delete your data. Do this for all accounts you have linked.


After you have deleted all the linked accounts, you should delete your profile from Manilla. Follow steps below.

6. Click on the top right screen “Manage profile”

7. Scroll down to the footer area of your profile settings.

manilla18. You should see a link that says “Delete your Manilla account”. Click on it and confirm.

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That’s it. All your accounts have now been deleted from Manilla.

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  • Since Manilla is closing- I offer everyone to check out FileThis. This link will give you 7 free accounts (instead of 6) plus 250mb free additional storage. This site is fantastic for statement/document storage into your personal cloud choice. I have picked Evernote for my cloud. It’s amazing.

    FileThis will download you your statements for you automatically and store it on one of your cloud services like Evernote (my personal favorite), dropbox,, Google Drive and a few others. It was so easy, I connected my amex and it pulled into my evernote 24 statements so painlessly along with over 150+ docs from my banks.

    • Thanks for suggesting. Looks like a neat tool. Would you categorize FileThis as a money management app?

      • I think FileThis is a money management app since it does allow you to monitor and save your statements. As a full suite money management app, it may not be able to handle what some people need- reminders & bill pay. For that is why I also have setup accounts with MoneyStream & Finovera. I also really like Yodlee & Mint- but Yodlee is much better and reminders than Mint (IMHO)

        Check out Moneystream – who has a nice Manilla importer for documents since they are closing doors 7/1/14. Great for downloading those documents from Manilla.

        A 3rd site to look at is Finovera – which also downloads documents and has a very nice dashboard interface.

        All of these are quite different in the way they operate but together they provide a great way to manage your accounts, statements & billings. I personally am going to stick with FileThis to sync my documents and statements directly into my evernote which is just way too easy. And I am playing with Finovera and Moneysteram. Off the bat, Finovera has a nicer interface, but I am enjoying Moneystream’s calendar- I’m having a little bit of trouble getting all my existing Manilla accounts connected to Moneystream to download future documents, but maybe with time, it will be easier.