28 Cheats & Tricks To Do More, Feel Good & Stay Productive!

All of us have the same amount of time – 24 hours! But a few of us are more successful and get to do more things.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you get more things done in less time – and feel good about it.

(btw, mind getting off Facebook?)

1. Tune out the news. Nothing important happens most of the time.


2. Set a dedicated time for checking emails. Do not keep checking it all the time.


3. If you need more time to answer an email, mark it as unread and save it for later.


4. Turn off chats and IMs when you’re working on something important.


5. Use keyboard shortcuts. There is a reason why they exist.


6. Use bookmarks to access common tasks/websites. Keep them out of your memory.



7. Always dress in your most comfortable clothes. And stick to it.



8. Throw away stuff you don’t use. Even if you think you might use it another day. You never will.


9. Start using mindmaps. Stop thinking in your head. It only adds to the clutter.


10. Task lists are good. Try using voice memos, record what you’re thinking. 2X more productive.

voice memos

11. Stay active. Do something to keep your body busy. Walking, running, swimming – Whatever you like.


12. Sleep more.


13. Visualize success. Do it often. Practice your winning speech while driving.


14. Stop when you’ve done something right. Celebrate it before moving on to the next task.


15. When you find something interesting to read, ping the author. Let him/her know you liked their work. They’ll remember and appreciate it.


16. Stop assuming. Ask others for opinion.


17. Get the job done even if there are mistakes. Polish it up later.


18. Avoid meetings. Instead gather up casually at coffee break and introduce the problem. You’ll get more authentic answers.

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19. Try to follow a routine and stick to it.


20. Do easiest things first. Big tasks later.


21. Follow a FIFO model for getting things done. First In, First out.


22. Stop negotiating. Find out how you can be more helpful to others. Everything else will follow.


23. Respect and value time. Time is money.


24. Set expectations right at the beginning. Ask what others are expecting from you. Makes it a lot more easier.


25. Dump all your ideas to one place. Revisit them later and pick up the good ones.


26. Learn to ignore. You don’t have to reply to everything. It is OK.


27. Do one thing really good every single day.


28. Put family before everything else. Everything.



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  • #7. Dress in your most comfortable clothes. Since I work at home, I do this all the time. But when I work in an office, there’s nothing that throws me off more than wearing business casual pencil skirts and sensible heels to fit the office mold. Layers, colors, prints, cozy clothes 24/7!

  • Tom Zokaie

    Thank you for the post. Your 28 cheats and tricks included some head smackers that seem so obvious, but I had not thought or hear about. I especially like number 7. I think I will just have to make this my guide to success at work and see where it takes me. Keep em coming, cause I want more.

  • Fithian

    Gave up number 1 about 3 years ago. I have no idea what is going on in the world unless people tell me, which is rare.
    I’m far less stressed and a lot happier for it.