100 Ways To Instantly Make Everything Better By Optimizing Space Around You

If there’s one thing that there is never enough of around my house, it’s space. And the fact that storage solution ideas are popping up in such abundance, makes me think I’m not alone. In fact, most of the life hacks you can find these days have to do with making more room in your house for all that stuff.

Amazingly enough, the more room you make for stuff, the more stuff you need to make room for, creating quite a cycle. Far be it from me to simply purge the extra stuff (gasp!), the truth is, I’d rather find creative ways to keep the stuff and pile more on top, to boot.

Whether you realize it or not, your house is full of secret, hidden, and ingenious storage solutions just waiting for you to discover them. Here are some of our very favorites.

Super Versatile Household Items:

I’ll bet you have a houseful of these everyday, ordinary things that you’ve been using all your life, never realizing that they were actually the most versatile inventions ever known to man. And, as an added bonus, if you don’t already own these things, most of them can be found at the dollar store! Check out these clever twists on traditional uses of these household items.

Towel rods

towel rodsFor organizing your wrapping paper.

towel rodsTo keep your pots and pans organized.

towel rodsKeep items up off the counter space. towel rods

Extra storage in the bathroom.towel rods

Keep cleaning supplies neatly organized under the sink.towel rods

Keep trays and cutting boards neatly stored away.towel rods

In some smaller bathrooms, you can never have too much storage space.towel rods

Keep your purses stored nicely in the closet when you’re not using them.

Wine racks

wine racks

A great way to organize art supplies.wine racks

A unique towel rack.wine racks

Keep arts and crafts neat and tidy.wine racks

An indoor herb garden.wine racks

Another unique idea for a towel rack.

wine racks

Make a neat space for curling irons and hair dryers.

Magazine holders

magazine holders

Keep corded items neatly tucked away.magazine holders

A perfect fit for kitchen odds and ends.magazine holders

A unique corner shelf option.magazine holders

Store those cans of food in the pantry.magazine holders

Extra space in the pantry.

Hanging shoe storage
shoe storage

Keep your cleaning supplies organized and easy to find.shoe storage

Under the sink storage.shoe storage

Keep nail polishes organized and tidy.shoe storage

Also great for arts and crafts supplies.shoe storage

Auto tools and supplies.shoe storage

Misc items that otherwise get tossed all about.

Shower curtain rings

shower curtain ringsFinally! A place to neatly store your hats.shower curtain rings

And belts!!!shower curtain rings

And purses too!shower curtain rings

Keep hair accessories neat and in one place.shower curtain rings

One hanger for all your tank tops.shower curtain rings

A perfect way to keep your necklaces from getting tangled in a jewelry box.

Kitchen hardware

kitchen hardware

Hang your kitchen towels.kitchen hardware

Organize your necklaces with unique designs.kitchen hardware

Hang cutting boards and other items to free up cupboard space.kitchen hardware

A truly unique design for storing all your jewelry.

Places Where You Can Find Extra Space:

You probably walk by these spots every single day of your life not even realizing that they could hold the secrets to solving all your storage woes. See how the storage space magically appears out of nowhere in these hidden places.

Under the stairs

under the stairs

Who knew you could turn all this wasted space into a full set of drawers?under the stairs

Make a cozy reading place.under the stairs

A perfect spot for Fido to rest.under the stairs

Don’t have the extra bedroom to turn into an office? Not a problem.under the stairs

Extra pantry space if your kitchen storage space is limited.

under the stairs

Add a nice touch of decor to an otherwise empty wall.under the stairs

A tucked away bar area makes it neat and convenient to entertain guests.

Underneath cabinets

Underneath cabinets

Get rid of the bulky spice rack and keep your spices tucked neatly under the cupboards.Underneath cabinets

Keep knives even further out of the reach of children and neatly organized under your cabinets.Underneath cabinets

Extra space to work with in the laundry area.Underneath cabinets

A hanging fruit bowl.Underneath cabinets

Installing most items is simple and quick.Underneath cabinets

Free up more counter space by adding shelves.Underneath cabinets

Another unique idea for a fruit bowl.

Around the tub
around the tub

A perfect place to keep cleaning supplies.around the tub

Keep your towels neat and tucked away.around the tub

Organize your bathroom essentials in this tucked away drawer.around the tubFree up clutter in your bathroom by getting the most out of the space.around the tub

A secret place to hide away cleaning products.

Above the door
Above the door

A perfect place to keep things you need around the house but don’t want taking up everyday space.Above the door

Optimize your shelving space.Above the door

Above the garage door.Above the door

A simple way to tuck away storage items.Above the door

The solution to limited bathroom storage space.Above the door

Keeps things up off the floor and off the countertops.

In the Rafters
In the Rafters

Otherwise unused spaces that could be used to store items.In the Rafters

A simple design makes these storage bins almost invisible.In the Rafters

Store your holiday items along the ceiling in your garage until you need them. In the Rafters

Who doesn’t need more space in the laundry room?In the Rafters

Keep kids toys and other items stored neatly in the attic.In the Rafters

A great place to keep these otherwise bulky and awkward items.In the Rafters

Simple installation of these storage ideas makes them a must-have!

Items That Typically Take Up Too Much Room:

There are also things in your house that seem to multiply on their own. No matter how often you purge these things, they just seem to reappear, more plentiful than before. Check out these clever solutions for storing these magical multipliers.


Use a strip of crown molding to keep your heels organized and off the floor.shoes

Hangers are a perfect idea for keeping shoes organized and off the floor.shoes

These cubby holes are easy to install and make it so you never have to worry about missing that other shoe.shoes

Another way that towel racks can come in handy.shoes

Use an item like this to store and display your footwear options.shoes

Empty paint cans also make for a perfect cubby hole for your shoes.shoes

If you have the extra closet space, try hanging your shoes.shoes

This shoe shelf is unique and easy to make!

Wrapping paper

wrapping paper

Tuck away your wrapping paper in a trash bin.wrapping paper

Two simple pieces of twine or wire will keep your wrapping paper neat and out of the way. wrapping paper

Use a hanger to organize ribbon. wrapping paper

A paper towel dispenser also does the trick nicely.wrapping paper

Simple and easy way to keep your closet clutter free.wrapping paper

Make a peg board storage box for all your present wrapping supplies.wrapping paper

A garment bag also does the trick nicely.


Simple, easy ideas to keep your tupperware lids organized.lids

Pot and pan lids can take up valuable shelf space, but not when they have a place of their own!lids

Keep the lids separated and out of the way.lids

A simple design to keep them organized.lids

Another easy DIY way to organize those bulky and awkward lids.lids

How about under the cupboards?

The back side of a kitchen cabinet door can be the ideal place for organizing lids.lids

A simple wire rack can eliminate the frustration of never being able to find the right lid.lids

Or you can mount that wire rack up higher to give you even more space.



Anyone with kids knows you can never have too much storage space!toys

Hanging buckets is another quick and easy design to help organize your child’s space.toys

A great place for Barbie and her friends to “hang out” while not being played with.toysKeep those crayons and other art supplies organized and avoid clutter.toys

A super simple design to keep stuffed animals in one place.toys

Another great storage idea that is also very simple to make yourself.toys

A fun lazy Susan style storage bin under the bed.toys

These wire plant hangars are also great indoors for staying organized.toysYou can use that old, out-dated, hanging basket design to keep bath toys stored and neatly organized until bath time.

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