15 Ways To Reinvent Yourself To An Amazing Person In 2015

Every year as the confetti drops and Baby New Year splashes onto the scene, we resolve to lose weight, have a better relationship with money or clear out the clutter hiding in the closet (and the junk drawer, and the garage, etc…). In fact, 45 percent of Americans make resolutions, according to a study from the University of Scranton. However 24 percent of those who make a New Year’s resolution, fail at achieving them.

Because a whole lot of life’s ‘little things’ can be holding you back from happiness, health and success, we’ve got 15 resolution suggestions for 2015. With the help of these “little changes,” you can make this new year your best one ever without breaking the bank!

1. Get a great physique without going to the gym

workoutInstead of splurging for a pricey gym membership to ditch those holiday pounds, take advantage of pockets of time to move during the day.

Do lunges while brushing your teeth, develop your core on your commute to and from work or at your desk with short, isolation movements, or work your arms while waiting for pasta to boil or your casserole to bake.

2. Beautify your bookcase

bookcaseCan’t afford to re-wallpaper or paint the entire room? Add a splash of color to a room by covering the back of bookcases or cabinets with glass doors with an accent color for subtle pops of color and pizazz.

3. Shine naturally

fishlipsForget spending hundreds on spa facials. Tone the skin on your face by making fish lips faces in the mirror every morning. Pull your lips to the left of your face and then the right to tighten and flex my facial muscles. And fill up a water bottle before heading out the door to work because two-thirds of your body is comprised of water. Not drinking enough H2O during the day can leave your skin itchy, flakey and dry.

4. Save on snacks

workInstead of hitting the vending machine at work for a mid-day snack, use the time you’d spend searching for a snack surfing the web with fitness in mind. Check out sites like Greatist.com or
shop or browse for workout gear that will help you lose weight to prevent blowing a bunch of dough on obesity-related illnesses.

5. Slash your grocery bill (and your weight)

red plateAdd a pop of color to your meals by eating off a red plate, which research says can lead to eating up to 50 percent fewer calories. That will help you trim your grocery bill and your waistline.

6. Shop in your own house

curtainsThe curtains you can’t stand in your living room might make a gorgeous outer shower curtain in your bathroom. By simply stitching a seam to create a rod pocket at the top, you can re-purpose them to renovate a boring room for free. Look around for trinkets and pictures you can move around the house for a free, fresh look at the same items you’ve come to love.

7. Mirror, mirror

mirrorHanging a mirror can instantly make a room appear larger. Create a cheap, custom mirror by having a mirror cut to fit inside a vintage, ornate or other frame that matches your room.

8. Welcome change

welcomeSwap out your old, worn-out welcome mat for a fresh one. Not only is that thought to welcome money to those practicing the ancient beliefs of Feng Shui, it’s an easy way to liven up your home’s exterior and doorway.

9. Swap out hardware

hardwareInstead of replacing your bathroom vanity or kitchen cabinets, replace your old, tired knobs and pulls with news ones that reflect your style and passion. You can opt for classic looks in brushed nickel or brass, or shop around craft and other stores Like Hobby Lobby for great deals on knobs and pulls shaped like animals, clocks, elements of the outdoors and more. And don’t forget about handles on toilet tanks and other pieces of furniture in your house to freshen up any décor.

10. Paint a linoleum floor

floorInstead of ripping up an old floor in the bathroom, laundry room, or basement, give it a new look with a fresh coat of paint. Apply primer to a clean floor that’s not missing any tiles or chunks of tile, and once dry, use tape to define strips, shapes, etc., on the floor with different colors of paint.

11. Throw things around

rugAdd a pop of color and change the feel of a room with an inexpensive throw rug. They’re just as great over wall-to-wall carpeting as they are on wood, linoleum or other floorings. AS an added bonus, they warm up your tootsies when the mercury dips outside.

12. Read more

readRecent Pew Research Center data says nearly a quarter of American adults did not read a single book in the past year. On the flip side, Nielsen statistics says the average American watches over 34 hours live TV a week plus another 3-6 hours watching taped programs. Committing to read more and watch TV less can lead to renting fewer movies and cutting your cable bill in 2015.

13. Mix and match

platesTired of boring dinners? Shop flea markets and second-hand stores for an eclectic mix of dishes with colors that complement each other but are different enough to be a mismatched array of interesting on your table or in a cabinet.

14. Look up

shelfInstall an over-the-door-shelf in the bathroom or a child’s room for a fun storage solution (tuck extra toilet paper up there) or to decorate and otherwise dull space. These shelf items are typically inexpensive at most home improvement centers but look like a million bucks in any room.

15. Channel your inner Michelangelo

ceilingAdorn a ceiling with a fresh coat of paint in a color that complements the room (instead of white) or with stencils, crown to create a faux tray ceiling, etc.


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