14 Out Of The Box Ways To Make This A Romantic Valentine’s Day

If a candlelit dinner is too cliché or you’re tired of the same old box of chocolates to show the love of your life how much you care, try spicing things up this Valentine’s Day. Mix things up with these fun, quirky, and admittedly unusual ways to let those you love know how much they mean to you on Valentine’s Day and the other 364 days of the year, too.

1. Be Random

letter cUse this random letter generator to let a letter of the alphabet dictate what you’ll eat, what you’ll give each other, etc. You can also have fun with how many activities and little gifts start with the letter you can incorporate into the day.

2.  Scratch the love itch.

stickersHide messages for your sweetie in scratch-off stickers. Include a variety of naughty, nice, funny, etc., messages and put them around the house and car for your valentine to find throughout the day.

3. Watch the sunrise.

sunriseYou’ve probably seen plenty of sunsets together. But when’s the last time you watch a spectacular winter sunrise? Set the alarm to wake up early enough to make coffee or hot cocoa and snuggle up together either outside or indoors in front of a large window facing East. The vibrant colors are sure to warm your hearts. And then, you two can crawl back into bed to cuddle after before you have to get up and start your day.

4. Kiss away mundane.

kissWrite down every type of kiss you can think of (passionate, on the cheek, blindfolded, etc.) on a small piece of paper and stuff them into a bag. Throughout the day, have your spouse pull one or two pieces of paper and give your sweetheart whatever type of kiss is described.

5. Play Truth or Dare.

truth or dareYou and your partner should each of you write five dares for yourself on small pieces of paper. Be creative and flirty and consider things like trying on a sexy outfit or stripping to your partner’s favorite song. Take turns asking each other naughty questions like “What’s the sexiest fantasy you’ve ever had?” or “What’s the sexiest place you’ve ever wanted to have sex?” You can either answer or withdraw a dare from your pile.

6. Make the most of the whole day.

couple-in-loveThere’s no reason to limit Valentine’s Day festivities to a few hours in the evening. Plan to take the day off together to enjoy an early breakfast date and lunch in bed. Spend the day listening to each others favorite music, reading each others favorite poetry or taking turns picking what show to watch to reconnect and fall in love all over again.

7. Have a date at the dog park.

dateA recent poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos found one in five people would rather spend Valentine’s Day with their pet than with a partner. If you’re torn between the two, why not take Rover for a walk or romp at the dog park together before you two enjoy a night out on the town. Making your pooch happy will warm both your hearts and set the tone for a loving evening.

8. Hunt for hidden treasure.

ValentineTake the scenic route to your dear’s heart via their imagination. Send your sweetie texts or emails throughout the day containing clues to different locations that will prompt memories of shared good times together there or hints about a specific location. Make sure the clues lead to the restaurant, movie, park, etc., where you’ll be waiting to celebrate your mutual love.

9. Get cultured.

cultureEvery culture celebrates the day dedicated to lovers little differently. Research how each of your ancestors might have celebrated the day and try to recreate what denizens of your homelands do. For instance, in Japan, women give men chocolates on February 14th, while some parts of Britain serve buns baked with caraway seeds and raisins.

10. Give an alternative bouquet.

bouquetRoses are red and definitely say “I love you.” But this year opt for something less generic and more spontaneous like a bundle of wild flowers, a potted plant or a candy bouquet. And if you’re feeling adventurous, test your hand at making a bouquet of origami flowers or animals your love can keep forever.

11. Dial in on a date.

NWESSpeaking of spontaneity, instead of booking a table at the same restaurant you go to every year (or every Friday night) make a dial with all the cardinal directions outlined on it (N, S, E, W). Have your partner spin the dial Valentine’s morning and that afternoon or night that’s the direction the two of you head off in for dinner.

12. Go back in time.

back in timeRekindle the butterflies from your first date by reliving it. Wear the same clothes you wore (or clothes that are as close to them as possible in case the originals no longer fit) and return to the scene of the love crime. Have fun taking a step back in time by styling your hair the same, ordering the same meal, etc. Don’t worry if you don’t live in the same area as when you two first met. Revisit as much as possible (clothes, hair, food, etc.) at home or at a restaurant nearby that’s as similar as possible.

13.Talk to the animals.

zooYou don’t normally think of visiting the zoo in the middle of winter, but sharing your love of animals can be very romantic. As an added bonus, since it’s off season, you’ll probably have the place to yourselves creating plenty of chances to steal a smooch or too in the butterfly garden or penguin house.

14. Act like a kid.

kidsThe hustle and bustle of work and home lives can dampen many lovers’ spirits. But bundling up and swinging on playground swings or racing each other across the monkey bars can help you both remember the fun-loving and spirited sides of each other you fell in love with. Warm up back home by snuggling up with a cup of cocoa you share and don’t blame us if you wind up not finishing it…