This Video Will Make You Feel Silly For Ever Having Doubted Yourself

Stop what you’re doing and take two minutes to watch this video.

In a four-part interview back in 2009, Ira Glass, of radio program “This American Life,” shared some insightful advice on overcoming self-doubt. According to his theory, there’s a “gap” between the quality of work an individual puts out at the start of their career and that person’s potential. This frustrating disparity is often clear to the beginners themselves — they have the “taste” to know that what they’re creating isn’t as good as they’d like it to be, but don’t yet have the experience to achieve that level of quality.

But that’s normal, Glass says. For anyone with a passion for something, Glass’ words are a timeless inspiration and a reminder that experience is the only way close the gap.

The video was created by a German designer, Daniel Sax, who explained the video’s visual styling in an interview with Co.Design. “While he is very limited and narrow in the beginning, it gets wider and more comprehensive the longer he practices and works in the business,” Sax said.


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