Top 15 Credit Cards For Fair Credit

If you have fair credit, your FICO score ranges between 600 and 659. Your overall credit profile is OK. Not great, but not totally trashed. You might have a few dings in your credit report – a missed payment or two, perhaps. You can qualify for an unsecured credit card, and find cards with rewards like cash back or no foreign transaction fees.

But you can also expect to pay more on interest rates and APR’s than someone with good or excellent credit. Travel rewards cards are rare at this FICO score level. You may also get stuck paying an annual fee, although if you shop around, you can find cards without them. A couple of cards on this list cater to students with fair credit; there’s even a business credit card for entrepreneurs seeking to build or expand their access to financial resources.

Whatever your situation may be, we’ve got you covered! Here is our list of the top 15 credit cards for fair credit in 2015:

CapitalOne QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards CardQuicksilverOne

Standard APR: 22.9%
Annual Fee: $39
1.5% cash back on every purchase

If you like cash back on every purchase, the CapitalOne QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards card is for you. You receive 1.5 percent cash back on every purchase, every day. There are not annoying rotating categories and your cash back rewards never expire. The APR is 0 percent through August 2015; 22.9 percent after that. If you make 5 payments on time, you qualify for a higher credit limit.

CapitalOne Platinum Credit CardCapital One Platinum

Standard APR: 22.9%
Annual Fee: $39
Highlights: Credit line increase after making your first five monthly payments on time

The CapitalOne Platinum credit card features a $0 annual fee the first year and a modest $19 annual fee after that. Make 5 on-time payments and become eligible for a higher credit limit. Keep track of your account with online CreditTracker and enjoy Fraud Protection to guard against unauthorized charges if your card is lost or stolen.

PlayStation Card from CapitalOnePlayStation

Standard APR: 13.9% – 24.9%
Annual Fee: $0
Highlights: Earn rewards from PlayStation

The PlayStation Card from CapitalOne rewards you with serious fun by giving you 5,000 bonus points after your first 90 days of using the card and NO annual fee. Earn 10 points for every $1 in Playstation Store purchases and 3 points for every $1 spent on PlayStation purchases at Sony Stores or on quick service restaurants, movie theaters and even your cell phone bill. Receive 1 point for every $1 purchase on everything else.

Chase Freedom CardChase Freedom

Standard APR: 13.99% – 22.99%
Annual Fee: $0
$100 cash bonus, if you spend a minimum of $500 within the first three months

Get the Chase Freedom card and receive a $100 bonus after spending just $500 within 3 months of receiving the card. Receive 5 percent cash back on up to $1,500 in purchases on and through December 31, 2014.Receive rewards that never expire, plus the Chase Freedom Card features no annual fee.

Chase Slate CardChase Slate

Standard APR: 12.99% – 22.99%
Annual Fee: $0
Highlights: Fraud Alerts and Zero Liability Protection

The Chase Slate card is one of the few credit cards available to customers with fair credit that features a balance transfer option. Card members also enjoy 0 percent APR on purchases and balance transfers for 15 months after obtaining the card. The Chase Slate card also features no annual fee.

DiscoverIT CardDiscover It

Standard APR: 12.99% to 21.99%
Annual Fee: $0
Highlights: $50 bonus when you make a purchase within the first three months of opening the account

The Discover It card has annual fee, no foreign transaction fees and no late fees on your first late payment. Get 2 percent cash back on up to $1,000 in purchases at restaurants and gas stations every month and 1 percent cash back on everything else – no signups required. Free FICO score access and a free mobile app both allow you to keep track of your credit.

Deserve Pro Mastercard

Standard APR: 16.99% – 23.99%
Annual Fee: $0Deserve pro mastercard
Highlights: Cash back rewards program

Deserve Pro Mastercard doesn’t have an annual fee but offers a generous cash back rewards program and top end benefits, such as price protection, car collision damage waiver, and extended warranty. There are no foreign transaction fees and it offers a credit limit of up to $10,000. If you like it, refer a friend and you can get a $30 statement credit (maximum of $500 in statement credits).

CreditOne Bank Platinum CardCreditOne Platinum

Standard APR: 17.9% – 23.9%
Annual Fee: $35 – $75
Highlights: Cash back rewards program

The CreditOne Bank Platinum card features zero fraud liability and free monthly online credit score monitoring. Opt for email or text reminders that your bill is due to avoid late fees. Cardholders also receive 1 percent cash back on gas purchases. Cash back rewards are unlimited which is great for road warriors.

CreditOne Bank Platinum Credit Card with Gas RewardsCreditOne Gas Rewards

Standard APR: 17.9% – 23.9%
Annual Fee: $35 – $75
Highlights: Gas Rewards program

If you’re always on the road the CreditOne Bank Platinum  credit card with gas rewards is a good choice. You receive 1 percent cash back on all gas purchases with no limits, and rewards post to your account automatically. Free monthly credit score monitoring and monthly reminders allow you to keep track of your credit profile.

NFL Extra Points Credit CardNFL Extra Points

Standard APR: 14.99% – 22.99%
Annual Fee: $0
Highlights: 2 points for every 1 dollar spent for tickets and other NFL-related purchases

The NFL ExtraPoints credit card provides 2 points for every $1 spent on NFL related purchases and 1 point for every $1 spent on everything else. Receive a 20 percent discount on all NFL related purchases in addition to points. Earn 10,000 points by spending $500 in 90 days – redeemable for up to $100 credit on your monthly statement. APR is 0 percent for the first six months and either 14.99 percent, 19.99 percent or 24.99 percent after that, based on your credit worthiness. Best of all, there is no annual fee.

Premier Possibilities MastercardPremier Possibilities

Standard APR: 36%
Annual Fee: $75 for the 1st year, $45 after that
Highlights: Helps rebuild credit

Do you hate to wait for decisions? Apply for the Premier Possibilities Mastercard and receive a decision in seconds. If you have a checking account and a FICO score that ranges toward the lower end of the fair credit scale, you may be approved for a Premier Possibilities Mastercard when other card providers turn you down.

First Premier Bank Gold Credit CardFirst Premier Gold

Standard APR: 36%
Annual Fee: $75 for the 1st year, $45 after that
Highlights: Helps improve credit score

The First Premier Bank Gold Credit card can give your financial profile a boost. Receive a free one-year subscription to My TransUnion Monitoring to help you keep track of your TransUnion credit report and Vantage credit score. The First Premier Bank Gold Credit Card reports to all three major credit reporting bureaus, so maintaining a good payment record can improve your credit.

DiscoverIT Chrome for Students CardDiscover It Chrome

Standard APR: 12.99% – 21.99%
Annual Fee: $0
Highlights: $50 bonus when you make a purchase within the first three months of opening the account

No annual fees, over the limit fees or foreign transaction fees make the DiscoverIt Chrome for Students card one of the best deals available. Students also won’t get hit with fees for your first late payment. The card also features 2 percent gas back for up to $1,000 in purchases every academic term, and $1 cash back for everything else.

Journey Student Rewards Card from CapitalOneJourney Student Rewards

Standard APR: 19.8%
Annual Fee: $0
Highlights: Cardholders earn 1 percent cash back on every dollar spent

The Journey Student Rewards card from CapitalOne is a great card for students who are establishing their credit profiles. After making 5 on-time payments, students are eligible for a higher credit limit. Students also receive an additional 25 percent cash back bonus for every on-time payment – that’s 1.25 percent cash back instead of 1 percent. And with no foreign transaction fees, you can save on that overseas spring break or study abroad semester.

CapitalOne Spark Classic Business Credit CardSpark Classic

Standard APR: 22.9%
Annual Fee: $0
Highlights: There is no limit to the amount of cash back that can be earned, and cash back rewards never expire

Entrepreneurs can separate business expenses from personal expenses and begin to build a business profile with the CapitalOne Spark Classic business credit card. Earn 1 percent cash back on every purchase, every day. The card features fraud protection from unauthorized purchases. The CapitalOne Spark Classic Card for Business features no foreign transaction fees, no annual fees and free cards for employees.

A Fair Deal

You may be envious of the deals available to consumers with good or excellent credit. But wise handling of any one of the cards on this list can allow you to improve your credit score. You could be receiving those excellent offers too – sooner than you think!