Do It Yourself (DIY)

50 Of The Best DIY Life Hacks For Your House You Didn’t Know You Needed

With summer just around the corner, we bet you’re in the mood for some serious DIY. With that in mind, we’ve compiled some great DIY life hacks for your home.  There’s a little bit of everything so whether you’re looking to save save some space or create a new space in your home, we’ve got some ideas for you.

First of all, let’s get organized.

1. Looking to save some space in your bathroom?  Look no further.


2.  Old dresser drawers work great under beds if you’re looking to tuck away clothes.

Under bed storage drawers

3. How about saving some more space in your bathroom. Check out these cute cake holders organizers

cake holder

4.  What about these gorgeous pen and pencil organizers?  You could use them for

storing makeup, Q-tips or cotton balls.

 pen and pencil makeup

5.  It seems like the kitchen is forever a disorganized mess.  Don’t throw those knives in frustration.  Hang them on a homemade magnetic knife holder.

 knives magnet

6.  Most of us have a broken rake or two hanging around the house. How about re-tasking it?

rake to hold booze

7.  But don’t stop there. You can use it to store kitchen tools, too.

8.  But if it’s your spices that are driving you nuts, peruse these neat ideas for saving space:

idea storage spices

9.  Rolling spice shelf holder/shelf.

spice rolling shelf

10.  We’re not done with the kitchen yet.  You can use towel racks to hold your pot lids in place.

towel racks pots

11.  How about saving some space in the garage?  Let your bikes hang out by creating your own bike rack.


12.  Do you have kids?  We bet you have stuffed animals, too.  Corral those wild creatures with this great space saver.

stuffed animals

13.  You can clean up those messy Legos, too.  Just take a hanging shoe holder and use it for your legos instead.

hanging shoe lego holder

14.  And if you have some dirty laundry, use this idea to create a dirty clothes hamper:

laundry space saving

15.  Never fumble around for wrapping paper again.

gift paper storage

In the mood to decorate?  Here’s come cool ideas to help you with that.

16.  Don’t toss out toss out those old lampshades.  Give them a new look.

lamp shades

17.  Kick back with this cool wooden couch sleeve.  So easy and so convenient.

couch sleeve

18.  Spruce up your windows with this great idea:

window diy

19.  Use rain gutters from any home improvement store as low-cost shelves:

rain gutters book shelves

20. Or make book shelves. We love this ladder bookshelf

ladder bookshelf

21.  Don’t forget old crates can be hung on walls and used as bookshelves, too.

crates shelves

22.  Get ahead of the game by making your own headboard with repurposed materials  So easy and clever.

oar headboard diy ideas

23.  If you can’t afford a new headboard, find an old door and paint it a pretty color.  Or create your own picket fence.rustic boards headboard

24. Recover those couches

couches diy

25. Make your television into a picture with this cool idea:

diy tv frame

26. Need a new table?  How about using an old door?

diy table door

27. We like this idea for a table, too:

table idea diy

28. Take some shelf hangers, turn them upside down, and you could instantly create cubby holes.

space savers

29. If you’re the artistic type, try painting your bathtub!

paint bathtub

Okay, so we have the house all cleaned up and ready for some cool do it yourself projects.  Check these out:

30. You could get rid of that ugly popcorn ceiling.

diy ceiling

31. Create a new space with old doors.

doors diy

32. If you’re looking to save even more space, try making your own hide-a-bed:

murphy bed save space

33. Don’t forget under the stairs:


34.  Paint pens are a great way to decorate a wall without the expense of wallpaper.

diy space saving

35.  But if you don’t have patience for drawing lines, try some fabric instead.  All you need is a little starch.

fabric wallpaper starch

36. You could even make your own rug if you wanted:

make your own rug

Once you’re all done with the inside of your house, get started on the outside.

37. Head out of doors and dress up your patio by re-tasking old paint cans:


38. No room for a garden?  Think again.

Vertical Wooden Box Planter

39. Shed some light on the subject with these neat-o coffee cans.

coffee cans DIY light

40. People will be rubbernecking when they spy your new pond made from an old tire:

tire pond diy

41. If you’re looking for a neat way to create some planting space, look no further.


42. Still need another idea for planters?  Try this shabby-chic idea using an old chair:

chair planter

43.  Bathtubs make great above-ground planters.  They’re big and they already come with a drain.

bathtub garden idea diy

44.  And if you happen to have an old car lying around, here’s another clever idea.

car garden diy

45.  It’s easy to use things like old swimming pools, buckets, and wheelbarrows to hold potting soil.  Get creative.  If it’ll hold dirt, it’ll hold plants.


46.  Of course, if you’re really adventurous, you could build your own greenhouse out of old windows.

greenhouse out of windows

47.  How about making your own hammock for outside?  All it takes is a drop cloth, some grommets, and a few chains.


Lastly, we thought we’d give you some tips on how to clean up those messes you’ve made – all with do it yourself

cleaning products.

48.  Have some dirty dishes?  Don’t buy dish washing soap.

recipe homemade dishwasher

49.  But don’t stop there.  Create your own laundry detergent.


50.  Lastly, give all that spiffy new furniture you’ve created with this easy recipe.

homemade wood polish

We hope you’ve been inspired by these amazing do it yourself house hacks.  We know we were!