The 9 Worst Things to Buy On Black Friday

Before you head out the door this year after filling up on a Thanksgiving feast to camp out in front of your local mall in the wee hours of the morning, stop and take a look at the following list of products often advertised as “deals.” If you wait a few more weeks before buying these Black Friday “deals,” you’re likely to get a better price.

The following nine products are likely to cost you less if you wait to buy them until mid- to late-December, or even after the holidays.

1. White Sales on Black Friday

If you can wait to buy blankets, bedding and towels until January “white sales,” do so. You’ll save 30 to 60 percent by buying linens at the beginning of the new year when stores aim to clear out their fall and winter supplies. You might see some linens on sale on Black Friday, but such markdowns will be few and far between and are not likely to be the great deals you’ll find on luxury linens after the first of the year.

2. Winter Shoes and Apparel

Since this is the height of the season for buying and wearing cold-weather clothing like boots, jackets and coats, now is not a good time to snag deals on these items. If you want to score an especially good price on the pair of boots you’ve been eyeing, you’re much more likely to see them deeply discounted during January and February clearance sales.

3. Toys

There are likely to be some markdowns on toys during Black Friday, but these deals pale in comparison to the deals you’ll find right before Christmas. Though it means fighting crowds at the last minute like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Jingle All the Way, you’ll often find toys deeply discounted in the third week of December.

4. 2014 Calendars

The price of calendars plummets after the first of the year, enabling you to get next year at a fraction of the cost you’ll find during Black Friday. Hold off until the first week in January, and you’ll most likely enjoy a 50 percent discount. If you can wait until later in the month, you will often pay 75 percent less.

5. Jewelry

Retailers know that like Valentine’s Day, the holidays are a popular time for buying that someone special something special. If you won’t get exiled to the couch or disowned for not putting a piece of jewelry or a watch under the tree this year, wait until after the holidays. You’re likely to save a substantial amount of money on these items—providing you don’t procrastinate until February.

6. Brand-Name HDTVs

While Black Friday does bring sales on some HDTVs, the brand name varieties won’t hit rock bottom prices until late December when retailers are pressed to clear out stock in order to make room for 2014 models.

7. DSLR Cameras

Since new models of digital cameras will be introduced in early 2014, it’s a good idea to wait until February to buy one of this year’s models. You’re likely to enjoy a steep discount on a 2013 camera as retailers prepare to usher in the newest models.

8. Exercise Equipment

Along with New Year’s resolutions to exercise more and get healthy come great deals on fitness equipment, so wait until January to buy products like exercise cycles, treadmills, body fat calipers, bicycles, weights and exercise balls. With the many activities during the holidays, you probably won’t have time to use your new equipment, anyway.

9. Christmas Decorations

If possible, and assuming you’re not Clark Griswold with the North Pole on your lawn, make do with decorations you already have on hand from last year. Waiting until a few days before Christmas or after the holiday means steeply discounted decorating merchandise that you can enjoy next year.

After checking your holiday shopping list against this one, you might even find that it makes more sense to sleep in this Black Friday.