Prepaid Cards

AccountNow Prepaid Cards: An In-Depth Review of AccountNow’s Financial Services

AccountNow Inc. is a financial services company founded in 2003. Its mission is to be a trusted financial partner to the 40 million Americans who have been turned away by traditional banks. As the leading provider of prepaid cards to these customers, it appears to be achieving its goal. This article reviews the pros and cons of AccountNow Prepaid Cards.

Through AccountNow, almost anyone can get access to a Visa or MasterCard prepaid card. You load the card and then can use it to pay bills, shop, and more.

Let’s take a closer look at the cards AccountNow offers and if one may be the right fit for you.

What cards does AccountNow offer?

AccountNow offers three prepaid credit cards. They are all available with no credit check, and you don’t have to have a bank account to qualify. Further, there’s no way to incur overdraft fees, and you don’t need to maintain a minimum account balance.

How do you put money on the card? Customers can set up direct deposit at no cost, so their paycheck or check from a benefits provider will be seamlessly loaded to the card. The company advertises that cardholders can get paid up to two days earlier than with a paper check (subject to the employer’s or benefits provider’s process and timing). There’s also a large network for you to reload the card, including MoneyGram, Western Union, Visa Ready Link, cash reload, bank transfer, direct deposit, and check reload.

One of these cards might be right for you if you want the convenience of a credit card, but you can’t get a regular one through a typical bank (or don’t want to). However, note that it will not help you build your credit. Here’s a closer look at what each of these cards has to offer.

The AccountNow Prepaid Visa Card has no monthly fee, but it does have activation and per transaction fees. Here’s the full rundown of the limits and costs.

What are the limits?

  • Daily ATM withdrawal limit: $300
  • Daily direct deposit limit: $10,000
  • Maximum balance limit: $10,000

What’s the catch? Here are the costs:

  • Activation fee: $4.95
  • Monthly fee: $0
  • ATM withdrawals fee: $2.50
  • Per transaction fee (PIN and signature): $1
  • Card replacement fee: $10
  • International transaction fee: 3%
  • Reloads at retail locations: $4.95
  • Reloads online: $3.95

Note that these terms could change at any time. Check AccountNow’s profile for the latest rates.

The transaction fees can add up quickly if you use the card often. In fact, if you make more than 10 transactions per month, keep reading to learn about the AccountNow Gold Visa Prepaid Card. Beyond that, reload fees can also add up quickly.

Compare this card to the NetSpend prepaid card


The Account Now Prepaid MasterCard has all of the same limits and fees as the AccountNow Prepaid Visa. Deciding between the two comes down to whether you prefer to have a MasterCard or Visa.

The AccountNow Gold Visa Prepaid card has a few key differences from the previous two cards. Here are the limits and fees:


  • Daily ATM withdrawal limit: $500
  • Daily direct deposit limit: $10,000
  • Maximum balance; $10,000


  • Activation fee: $0
  • Monthly fee: $9.95
  • Transaction fees: $0
  • ATM withdrawal fees: $2.50
  • International transaction fee: 3%
  • Reload card at retail locations: $4.95
  • Reloads online: $3.95

Note that this card offers a promotion that pays a one-time $15 bonus if you make at least $500 in deposits for at least two months in a row. Further, it provides a higher daily ATM withdrawal limit, no activation fee, and no transaction fees. But it does carry a monthly fee. It will be a better option than the other two cards if you make at least 10 transactions per month.

Is the AccountNow Prepaid Card worth it?


Compare the pros and cons to make a better decision.

  • Can save you money by enabling you to deposit your check directly into your account.
  • Cardholders can gain access to their money a faster
  • Can use the card for most any necessary transactions.
  • Poor experiences with AccountNow customer service
  • Hard to get a live representative on the phone

There are many other options to consider if you are looking for an alternative to a traditional bank account. Compare AccountNow cards against other prepaid cards here.