Landlord reviewing terms of rental agreement with new tenants

Summary: You can become a landlord by choosing and fixing up a rental property, creating a lease agreement, and advertising your property’s availability. However, being a profitable landlord comes with major undertakings like managing finances, handling repairs, and staying on top of your tenants. Rental real estate is an incredibly lucrative source of passive income, […]

Real estate agent talking to a couple

Summary: Dual agency occurs when a real estate agent acts as both the buyer’s and seller’s agent. Dual agents are illegal in some states and are generally frowned upon by regulators in the real estate community. However, in states where dual agency is allowed, clients may consider a dual agent for efficiency’s sake. Most real […]

Wooden house model sitting on top of a stack of money with a pen and calculator in the background

Summary A buy-down rate is a mortgage financing tool to reduce your interest rate. While it can be an excellent investment when rates are steep, it is not always a good idea. The key factor that determines whether or not buying down your interest rate is a good financial decision is how long you plan […]

Older couple consulting with a financial advisor

Summary: A revocable trust is a living trust that gives you control over how your assets are managed and distributed after your death. An irrevocable trust is a permanent arrangement that gives you tax benefits and protects your assets from creditors and judgments. While death isn’t a typical topic of conversation for a Sunday brunch, […]

Woman holding a credit card looking upset at a laptop screen

Summary: Like most credit card companies, American Express has a process in place for card member disputes in case of credit card fraud or billing errors. To file a payment dispute with American Express, simply initiate a claim through the company’s online dispute center and provide all the requested information. In most cases, American Express […]

Tax materials spread out as someone attempts to determine whether your child's income belongs on your tax return

Summary: Typically, you won’t have to include your child’s income on your tax return. Depending on your child’s income, they may not need to file a tax return at all. However, regardless of whether your child must file a separate tax return, you can still claim them as a dependent under certain conditions. Filing taxes […]