Couple consider whether they should pay debt with tax refund

Summary: Feeling harassed by Nemo’s Collections and worried about your credit score? Don’t sweat it; we’ve got you covered. Ignoring those calls won’t cut it, as they can still harm your credit. Are you feeling overwhelmed because Nemo’s Collections is hounding you with relentless calls? Ignoring their calls might not be the best solution, as […]

Couple reviewing their debts to determine whether their credit card company will sue them

Summary Meet Recovery Partners, your neighborhood debt collector. If their name’s on your credit report, brace for debt collection calls and letters. They’re the middlemen when creditors give up. While legitimate, validate claimed debts before paying. Remove them from your credit report with steps like goodwill deletion, debt validation, negotiation, or seeking credit repair help. […]

An elderly couple looking at a computer screen with an advisor

Summary: Mortgage life insurance is a valuable safety net for homeowners, ensuring that your loved ones won’t be burdened with mortgage payments if you pass away. It pays off your mortgage balance, gradually decreasing over time as you make payments. This type of insurance covers outstanding mortgage debt, including principal and interest. While it has […]

Row of cars in a dealership lot

Summary: Understanding the difference between the make and model of a car is more than just semantics; it’s crucial for making informed buying decisions. The make refers to the brand, while the model represents the specific vehicle within that brand. For example, Chevrolet is a make, while the Equinox is a model. Knowing the make […]

Green toy car driving up stacks of coins

Summary: Maintaining your car involves more than just oil changes and tire rotations. One often overlooked aspect is wheel alignment, which is crucial for overall vehicle maintenance. Proper wheel alignment ensures optimal contact with the road, even tire wear, improved fuel efficiency, and better handling. Although the cost of a wheel alignment ranges from $100 […]

Hand dropping coin into house model next to stacks of coins

Summary: Reporting rent payments to credit bureaus is an effective way to boost your credit score and enhance your credit history. Although you can’t directly report rent payments yourself, rent reporting services can help include them in your credit reports. Some services are free, while others involve fees for renters or landlords. By ensuring your […]

what is the cost of a cord of wood

Summary: Determining your firewood costs for the winter depends on factors like your home’s size, climate, insulation, and heating preferences. The price of a cord of wood will also depend on various factors like the time of the year and the type of wood. While an exact number for a cord of wood is hard […]

Smiling lawyer standing in front of shelves of law books

Summary: Big Law associates face long hours, but the financial rewards and path to partnership make it all worthwhile. While there is no specific GPA minimum, a stellar academic record certainly enhances your chances. It’s a world where competition is fierce but for those willing to embrace the challenges, a successful career in Big Law […]

Row of cars in a dealership lot

Summary The weight of your vehicle is important and can significantly affect your driving experience and decision-making. Safety is a crucial factor, as lighter cars are more vulnerable to damage in accidents, while heavier vehicles provide better protection. Shockingly, the risk of fatality increases by 47% for every additional 1,000 pounds the opposing vehicle weighs. […]

Customer shaking hands with a car salesman

Summary: Welcome to the booming world of consumer services, where limitless opportunities await across diverse industries, including health care, sales, and finance. This dynamic job market is brimming with high-paying positions that not only reward you generously but also pave the way for professional growth and advancement. To thrive in these careers, you’ll need a […]

Illustration showing examples of capital goods used to manufacture consumer goods

Summary In the capital goods industry, skilled individuals drive the gears of production and enjoy lucrative payouts in return. From designing cutting-edge machines to streamlining production processes, this dynamic industry offers endless possibilities for those with specialized skills. With competitive wages, job security, and opportunities for innovation, the capital goods sector is where expertise meets […]

Computer scientist working with data on a computer

Summary: With the increasing integration of technology into our lives, the demand for tech professionals is skyrocketing. The best part is that these high-paying jobs are not limited to specific locations, offering opportunities across the country. Whether you’re into software engineering, cybersecurity, or cloud computing, the tech industry has got you covered. Not only does […]

Two engineers looking at plans for a project

Summary Looking for a high-paying trade career? Consider the industrial machinery and components industry. This sector employs a large number of skilled workers who earn well above the average wage due to the high demand for their services, the extensive training and experience required, and the shortage of willing workers. The machinery components sector provides […]

bull ipo wall street

Summary Some most notable Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) of 2012 include companies such as Facebook, Yelp, Workday, Palo Alto Networks, Michael Kors, Splunk, Kayak Software, and ServiceNow. IPOs are a major step in accessing funding for businesses. Initial public offerings (IPOs) mark a significant milestone for companies looking to raise capital and expand their business. […]

Bull in Wall Street - IPOs

Summary In 2013, Twitter, Hilton Worldwide, Zoetis, CDW Corporation, Norwegian Cruise Line, Noodles & Company, Sprouts Farmers Market, and Burlington Stores went public. An IPO occurs when a private company offers its stock to the public market for the first time, allowing companies to raise capital by selling shares of ownership to investors. On the […]

Rocket launching from Wall Street

Article Summary IPOs are an important step for companies to gain access to capital and advance their operations. Some IPOs of 2014 include Alibaba Group, GoPro, Citizens Financial Group, Virgin America, El Pollo Loco, Weibo Corporation, LendingClub, and IMS Health. These companies are from different industries, ranging from e-commerce to airlines. IPOs are significant events […]

Rocket launching from Wall Street

Article Summary In 2019, several big-name companies went public and made history. Uber, which provides ride-hailing and food delivery services through its platform, raised $8.1 billion through an initial public offering (IPO). Pinterest, a social media platform that allows users to discover and save ideas, raised $1.4 billion. Beyond Meat, which produces plant-based meat alternatives, […]

Rocket launching from Wall Street

Article Summary The most notable IPOs of 2020 include companies such as Snowflake, Unity Software, DoorDash, Airbnb, Warner Music Group, Lemonade, Palantir Technologies, Vroom, Asana, and Peloton Interactive. IPO is an acronym for initial public offering, where a private company sells its stocks to the public market. Going public is a significant step for companies […]

Rocket launching from Wall Street

Summary The year 2021 saw several notable Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) from companies such as Coinbase Global, UiPath, Roblox, Bumble, Coupang, Oatly Group, and Krispy Kreme. An IPO is a significant event for a company as it allows it to raise capital, increase its visibility, and potentially provide an exit for its early investors and […]