Credit Card Industry Report

2018 Consumer Credit Card Industry Study

Over the course of a generation, credit cards have become America’s most popular payment method. The average American has six in her wallet. We spend trillions of dollars and take on billions of dollars of debt a year using hundreds of millions of credit cards. Credit card debt has increased almost one-hundred fold since the […]

5 Best Chase Credit Cards of 2018

JPMorgan Chase & Co., which does business as Chase Bank, is one of the oldest financial institutions in the United States. Chase operates in more than 60 countries and has $2.6 trillion in assets. One of Chase’s signature products is the company’s line of credit cards, including a wide range of both personal and business […]

loans for legal expenses. Can you take out loans to pay for a lawyer?

Whether you’re looking to settle debt, file a personal injury claim, or resolve IRS tax problems, you’ll most likely need a lawyer. Legal fees are expensive and can easily rack up into the tens of thousands. The good news is that there is relief out there. Some legal services are provided for free for people […]

trade schools vs. bootcamps

Looking for a leg up in your career? You’re in good company. With the price of traditional four-year colleges rising through the roof, many people are looking at alternatives to get the education they need to be successful in the workplace. Popular options include trade (or vocational) schools as well as bootcamps. These options take […]

trade school better college

It’s no secret: the cost of a college or university degree is skyrocketing. In fact, the price rise threatens to shackle an entire generation of young people to years of debilitating debt. Today, the average cost of a private four-year college is $32,410 per year, according to the College Board, not including personal expenses. Graduates […]

IRS Tax Relief Report

2018 Tax Relief Industry Study

Tax debt is a problem for everyone, not just the nearly 937,514 taxpayers with delinquent accounts (source). $458 Billion What Americans fail to pay a year in taxes (Source) Americans fail to pay $458 billion a year in taxes, according to the latest tax gap estimates (source). The tax gap is the difference between what […]

lowest rate on furniture loans

So, you just bought a new home or finished that beautiful renovation. What next? The answer for many households is new furniture. Maybe you need an entirely new household of furniture. Maybe you just want a few signature pieces to spruce up the dining room. Either way, the truth is that furniture is expensive. Williams-Sonoma, […]

Discover Personal Loans

Discover Personal Loans: An In-Depth Review

If you’re shopping for a personal loan and have good credit and a strong financial history, Discover personal loans may be a good option. The leading financial institution offers personal loans with competitive interest rates and no fees. Below is an in-depth review of Discover personal loans to help you determine if it’s the right […]

SoFi and Charles Schwab

SoFi held talks with bank and brokerage firm Charles Schwab earlier this year about a potential acquisition, according to a report by the Financial Times. SoFi started out in 2011 as a student loan company but has since expanded to offer mortgage and personal loans, as well as wealth management and life insurance solutions. The […]