Short on Money – Try These Drastic Savings Tips for the Month is a post originally published on: Everything Finance – Everything Finance – Its all about Money! When the budget is a little tight for the month, you may be wondering where in the world you can find extra money. These options can help […]

It is now February – how are your resolutions going? I know many of us want to lose weight and save money and sometimes it seems impossible to do both at the same time. When we are so eager to drop a few pounds, we easily pull out our wallets to pay for gym memberships, […]

I was reading “Little House in the Big Woods” the other day to my daughter. I was astonished at what their Christmas looked like. Laura Ingalls was about five or six, and remembers fondly getting a pretty new dress sewn by her Ma and a doll made by her Ma. Even though her sister already […]

Black Friday is upon us. Do you have your game plan ready? Black Friday is a serious shopping day for Americans, but it is also one of the most hectic and chaotic times of the year. For a smooth and successful Black Friday shopping adventure this year, follow these easy tips: 1. Prepare Your Shopping […]

My husband and I just had our first baby, and he already started joking with people, “Yeah, we might have to finally cave in and get cable when she is a little bit older”. Wait, what?! You mean we are going to add $50-75 a month to our daily living so my cute bundle of […]

Chances are you have read several articles on how to cut your grocery bill in half or how to save $5000 a year by making simple cuts. However, I am going to guess that you are still in a financial hole. Why? Simple. Those tips you read are what the writer has done, and when […]