Health Care Savings

Your FSA: Use It or Lose It

As the year winds down, your thoughts turn to holiday shopping and perhaps preparing the house for colder weather. But you may be forgetting something – the money lingering in your employer-sponsored Flexible Spending Account (FSA). Now is the time to consider what you will do with it because otherwise, you may be leaving money […]

Christmas Shopping

The Holiday Loan Debt Trap

Just hearing the words “Black Friday” can generate a frenzy among hardcore shoppers. The holiday season represents a unique potential financial landmine because of the high emotions that run during the festive months of October, November, and December.But no matter how great that new LED TV looks in your family room, digging yourself into a […]


How to Create a Zero-Sum Budget

Do you perpetually deal with the dilemma of “more month than money”? If so, it’s time to get real about your finances and your budget. One way to get a handle on your spending is to establish a zero-based budgeting system. With a zero-based or zero-sum budget, you “spend” every penny that you accumulate each […]

Fall Closet

Shop Your Closet to Refresh Your Wardrobe

You love wearing the latest looks, but your budget is stretched taut. Don’t give up on fashion. Chances are you have great pieces in your closet that you can use as the basis for a fresh new look. Shop your closet for your favorites, and make strategic purchases to enhance them, or mix and match […]

Teens Shopping

Can Your Kids Handle Credit Cards?

According to CNN Money, approximately three-quarters of all parents give their kids some form of an allowance, with the average allowance totaling $15 per week. Whether you give your kids an allowance or not, you can teach them good money handling habits now that will help them establish and maintain financial stability throughout their lives. […]


Each year, changes in federal income tax laws complicate the lives of individual taxpayers, small business owners and even highly-trained accountants and tax attorneys. The situation for 2013 is shaping up to be no different. While tax law changes that may apply specifically to your company should be discussed with a CPA or tax attorney, […]

income based repayment

You did all the right things – you went to school, pursued the right major, earned good grades and snagged great internships.But now that you have graduated, you haven’t been able to find a job in your field. In the meantime you’ve moved back in with Mom and Dad and you’ve taken a last resort […]

College Debt

Should I Get a Private Student Loan?

When you’re stuck in your dorm room eating Ramen noodles while your friends head out for an evening of pizza and beer, it’s easy to feel left out. But if you’ve already borrowed to the hilt from Uncle Sam, aren’t eligible for grants or scholarships, and you’re juggling a part time job along with your […]


Re-Establish and Restore Your Credit

Whether you lost your job, suffered a serious illness or just overspent because you were young and dumb, the end result is the same: your credit is trashed. Filing for bankruptcy can relieve you of much, if not all of your credit burden, but in exchange, you will have a huge black mark on your […]