Group of five students studying for the CFA level 3 exam

Article Summary The CFA Level 3 exam is the final component of the CFA exam that allows you to become a CFA charterholder. The exam is done in conjunction with 48 months of relevant work experience. Although the exam touches on the same of the same subjects you can find in the other two exams, […]

Man in a business suit signing a form offering ancillary benefits to employees

Article Summary: Ancillary health insurance is a secondary healthcare benefit that covers medical expenses sometimes outside the scope of traditional health insurance. Hospital bills and drugs for a medical emergency are types of ancillary insurance that traditional insurers will cover. Ancillary health insurance also takes the form of dental and eye care, which is typically […]

Article Summary The interest coverage ratio is a formula used to measure a company’s ability to cover its existing debts. The interest coverage ratio measures the time frame it will take a company to pay off its debts, should its existing revenue stay the same. The ratio is used by a variety of lenders and […]

Woman holding up smartphone in one hand and making OK sign with other hand

Article Summary: Plaid is an intermediary platform that allows users to share information from their financial accounts with other apps and services. It acts as a safe intermediary that only transmits the financial information these companies require, not your login details or any additional information related to your banking. In addition, Plaid uses the highest […]

Red car getting filled up at a gas station

Article Summary: Due to excessive regulation, global demand, and the oil refining process for fuel, diesel is currently more expensive than gasoline in the United States. Diesel is the primary fuel oil used for industrial purposes and commercial trucking. The difference between diesel fuel and gasoline starts with the refining of crude oil. According the […]

Line of people in business clothes holding resumes for a job interview

Article Summary: Cyclical unemployment is unemployment that is directly correlated to upswings and downswings in the business cycle. During a recession, unemployment tends to trend upwards, whereas in an expansionary period of economic growth, unemployment trends downwards. Many of today’s policy tools and government-utilized economic theory during a recession focus on how to mitigate a […]

One person handing cash to another person across a desk

Article Summary: Cross collateralization is when a lender uses collateral for one loan to secure a second loan. Cross-collateral loans are typically used for a second mortgage, a car loan, or a new construction project. However, they can also be used for business purposes, such as when a bank loans money to a business using […]

overseas shipping containers being offloaded from ship in a Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A. port

Article Summary: Quotas are limits on the importation of goods from foreign countries. Established by the government, a quota sets a ceiling on how much of any good may be imported from any single nation, based on either the physical amount or the monetary value of that good to protect domestic producers of the same […]

girl with burger

What Is an Inferior Good?

Article Summary: An inferior good is a term used in economics for goods whose demand falls when income increases. Contrary to normal goods or luxury goods, demand for inferior goods falls when people make more money. Understanding inferior goods is crucial to understanding consumer behavior in economics. Every day in our lives, we make choices […]

Couple looking frustrated and holding a paper to another person across the table

Article Summary: In most cases, it takes seven or more years to expunge an eviction-related notice from your credit report. An eviction record could negatively affect your credit report, though the eviction itself will not appear. What will appear (and decrease your score) are any notices from collections agencies who were sent to collect the […]

Article Summary: Money order machines are computerized machines that are available at financial institutions or other authorized vendors. These machines print the relevant information onto specialized paper, which typically have a unique serial number and watermark for added security. Today, money orders work a lot like they did over 150 years ago. They are a […]

One person handing cash to another person

Article Summary: Cash on Delivery, or COD, is a payment method in which goods are paid for when they are received by the buyer. Unlike with prepayment, the buyer is not liable to pay unless the goods have been deemed “received” or “delivered.” COD is typically riskier for the seller as they are required to […]

handing over cash

Article Summary: No-credit-check loans are loans that are often marketed to people with bad credit or limited credit history. In many cases, approval is not actually guaranteed, and the lender might go ahead and check your credit anyway. Best used in financial emergencies, if at all, no-credit-check loans typically have unfavorable terms and very high […]

Wooden house model sitting on a stack of money with a pen and calculator in background

Article Summary: Bridge loans and HELOCs are short-term financing tools that are often used by real estate investors. Homebuyers who are considering whether they should go with a bridge loan vs. HELOC are typically trying to buy a new property while they have yet to sell an existing one. There are important factors to consider […]

Stock market numbers on a screen

How to Invest in Starlink

Article Summary Starlink is a division of SpaceX, and its goal is to bring internet connectivity and internet service to the world through low-orbiting satellites. As the current internet exists primarily in physical broadband cables, Starlink wants to change this paradigm and make the internet available through satellites that they provide. As SpaceX is not […]

Glass jar of coins and rolled dollar bills with a small graduation cap on top and an open book in the background

What is a 529 Plan?

Article Summary: A 529 plan is a government-sponsored savings and investment account that offers significant tax benefits. This plan can only be utilized for what the government considers qualified education expenses. The 529 accounts were devised to help individuals pay for higher education and college tuition. Typically 529 plans will offer tax-free growth and tax-free […]

Calculator and pen on top of a budgeting spreadsheet

Article Summary: Autonomous consumption is the cost an individual must pay regardless of their income. Autonomous consumption is effectively what an individual needs to survive. Unlike induced consumption and discretionary income, autonomous consumption and autonomous expenditure are only for essential goods and do not correlate to income level. There are certain things humans always need, […]

Person sitting on floor with legs crossed and papers scattered on floor

How to Build Credit at 18

Article Summary: You can build up your credit score even at a young age by becoming an authorized user or getting a secured credit card or credit builder loan. However, you can’t get a great score just by opening accounts. You’ll have to continue building your credit by making timely payments and maintaining a balanced […]

Two hands shaking with a smiling woman in a business suit in the background

Article Summary: A bear hug is a business term used by investors to describe the process of paying more than market value for another company’s share price. Although it sounds positive, a bear hug is often seen as a hostile takeover strategy with several negative implications. Though a bear hug between friends may be a […]

Jar of coins with a plant growing out of the top

Article Summary: The liquidity of an investment is related to the amount of time it takes you to sell the investment and get it out of your portfolio. Rare collectibles with a niche market and real estate are among the most illiquid assets around, but there are other assets that are other contenders for the […]