Article Summary: Transferring your rewards points from Amex to Delta is relatively easy as long as you have online accounts with Delta and American Express. You can either search for a flight you would like to book via Delta’s website or just transfer the points to your SkyMiles account for a future flight purchase. There […]

marriage contract

Article Summary: Separate and marital property are terms used to define ownership of property by either spouse before, during, or after marriage. Separate property can become marital property in a few ways, depending on how the property was derived, when it was received, and if the separate property has “commingled” with other assets. In most […]

Person sitting cross legged surrounded by tax documents for the IRS hardship program

Article Summary: An IRS hardship program is a government application that allows individuals who owe outstanding taxes to apply for tax deferment or forgiveness. This is similar to the Fresh Start Program, which will in turn halt any collections actions against them. The taxpayer changes their status to “Currently Not Collectible.” Once this status is […]

Customer using his bank's mobile app after learning the benefits of mobile banking

Article Summary: Mobile banking comes with several benefits for consumers, including accessibility, convenience, and better security. As mobile banking with bank apps becomes more popular, banks and financial institutions have upgraded to better security features and user interface experience. Although people will generally use mobile banking apps for their primary banking services, other mobile investment […]

Credit card with small packages on a laptop from the products bought during Amazon Prime Day

Article Summary: Amazon Prime Day is one of the biggest shopping events of the year, available exclusively to Amazon Prime members. For those looking to score some stellar deals on Amazon Prime Day, it’s important to understand the basic structure, such as the difference between flash deals and lightning deals. To guarantee yourself access to […]

Woman writing a check from her checking account because she can't write a check from her savings account

Article Summary: Unfortunately, federal law stipulates that people cannot write checks from their savings accounts. You can still get cash from an ATM through your savings account and move the money from your savings account into your checking account, which will enable you to write checks. There are other types of accounts, such as money […]

Couple reviewing their bank statements to see what checking account fees they incurred

Article Summary: Checking account fees can come in various forms, such as monthly maintenance fees, overdrafts, and wiring fees, among others. The costliest fees, however, will be the result of overdrawing your account or insufficient funds. Careful budgeting and account oversight can help you eliminate most, if not all, of these fees from your banking […]

food truck business

Article Summary: Believe it or not, $20,000 can be a good amount of capital with which to start a profitable business. You just have to pick one that has low initial overhead costs and capital outlay. Yard work, photography, food trucks, and many online-based businesses can require a small investment but grow exponentially. It’s important […]

woman with credit card

Article Summary: Unknown charges on debit cards can have a number of causes, including a stolen card, fraud, simple forgetfulness, or a mistake by the bank. If you see an unknown charge on your bank account, there are steps you can take to investigate the unknown charges and limit any further charges. Government protections can […]

coins in a jar

Article Summary Saving $10,000 can be life-changing and so it might seem like a daunting goal. But it does not have to be difficult to save the money if you make a plan. Changing your spending habits can go a long way, as well as starting a side hustle. Once you have $10,000 in your […]

Woman reviewing her budget online and calculating how much $14/hour a year would equal

Article Summary: When investing, it’s important to understand the difference between investment vehicles, their uses, and their correlation with risk. You want to choose a mix of stocks, bonds, and other investments that align with your risk tolerance, whether it is conservative, moderate, or aggressive. This mix will likely change over time, from more aggressive […]

cash management account

Article Summary: The term cash management account acts as a catch-all term for deposit accounts that offer many of the features of a checking account, savings account, and various investment products combined. Cash management accounts are usually offered by online investment firms or robo-advisors who partner with banks or other FDIC-insured financial institutions to offer […]

close a savings account

Article Summary: Closing a savings account at banks or other financial institutions is usually not difficult. You just need to go in person, call customer service, or request the closure in writing. However, in order to close a bank account properly, you need to make sure you settle all balances beforehand. All of your direct […]

taxes on a savings account

Article Summary: You are required to pay taxes on the interest earned on a savings account but not on the principal amount you deposit. A bank will issue a 1099-INT form to calculate and submit any interest earned over $10 to the IRS. You can also opt to save your money in other types of […]

investing in real estate

Summary: There are two main ways to invest in real estate: buy a home to live in and hope it appreciates or purchase real estate in order to obtain rental income or sell at a profit. Real estate can be a great way to build wealth through leverage while hedging against inflation. But it requires […]

cd matures

Article Summary: Investing in certificates of deposit, or CDs is a way to lock up your money for a period of time, while the money collects interest. When a CD matures, you have a short time frame to withdraw the money before you are hit with possible fees or penalties. Once a CD matures, you […]

cd investing

Article Summary: CDs are considered a safe and reliable method to store money while earning interest. Since CDs lock money up for a period of time, they can be considered less liquid than other asset classes. However, CDs are backed by the U.S. government, so they are considered among the safest investment vehicles out there. […]

mutual funds vs index funds

Article Summary: Index funds and mutual funds are two types of pooled investment vehicles that hold a basket of stocks and securities. Index funds are a type of mutual fund. This article compares index funds and actively managed mutual funds, which is what most people mean when they compare the two. Actively managed funds and […]

black swan event

Article Summary: Black swan events in the stock market are unexpected events that can have catastrophic consequences. At the time, black swan events are considered complete outliers, but they become more clear when people observe them in hindsight. Black swan events, such as the 2008 U.S. financial crisis, come as a surprise, and thus the […]

short term vs long term cd

Investors should choose short-term or long-term CDs depending on their investment goals, their time horizon, and how the rest of their portfolios and savings are structured. Short-term CDs offer lower interest rates, but the time frames make it easy to withdraw the money if you need it. Long-term CDs are better utilized as part of […]