Man holding his credit cards, thinking about how to refinance his credit card debt

What Is Credit Card Refinancing?

Article Summary: Credit card refinancing is similar to other kinds of refinancing: You take out a new loan or credit card to pay off the old debts. Ideally, your new loan will have a better interest rate and repayment plan than your original debt. There are several methods of credit card refinancing that could help […]

Man shaking hands with car dealer

Article Summary: Though it’s often possible to buy or sell a car without having the car’s title in hand, you’ll usually have to provide proof of ownership. The exact documents required vary by state, so you should check with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. You may be able to request a new title, transfer […]

Couple smiling at a phone and holding their joint credit card

Article Summary: A joint credit card can be a good way to streamline your finances with a partner and accumulate rewards on your spending. But because both cardholders are responsible for making payments, you could be held responsible for the other person’s mistakes. This could hurt your credit scores and damage your relationship. Adding an […]

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What is Leverage in Real Estate?

Article Summary: Leverage in real estate is when you use borrowed capital to increase the potential return of your investments. Leveraging includes purchasing properties typically outside of your price range or purchasing multiple properties when you would normally only be able to buy one. There are risks involved, so make sure you understand the leveraging […]

Two businesspeople shaking hands with a smiling woman in a business suit in the background

Article Summary: Payment-in-kind (PIK) interest is an alternative to cash payments in which goods or services are used as debt instruments instead. Businesses often use PIK loans to preserve their cash flow when borrowing money. Loans that use payment-in-kind interest also give businesses flexibility by allowing them to adapt that PIK interest using partial cash […]

Close-up of a MasterCard on top of a Visa card

Article Summary: The number of points you can raise your credit score by opening a secured credit card depends on whether you are starting with no credit or trying to rebuild credit. By using your secured credit card and making your payments on time, you can improve your credit score on multiple fronts. Just make […]

Typing with credit card

What Is Available Credit?

Article Summary Available credit is different than your credit limit. It consists of the amount left to spend on your credit card (or cards) after you subtract the balance, and it is a key factor in determining your FICO credit score. You should try to maintain a high percentage of available credit in order to […]