Stock market numbers on a screen symbolizing companies that had their IPO in 2015

Article Summary: Investors can add both stocks and ETFs to their portfolios to gain access to the equity market, dividends, and capital appreciation. Stocks are better suited for experienced investors who are skilled at analyzing different stocks and rebalancing their portfolios as needed, while ETFs are often better suited for new investors with lower risk […]

Investor reviewing potential profits from different CD investment strategies

Article Summary: Certificates of deposit are risk-free, federally insured investment products that pay a fixed interest rate and guarantee the return of your invested funds plus interest. However, like most investment topics, effectively using CDs in your personal financial world can be complex. Before you decide to invest in a CD, you need to determine […]

Stacks of coins with plants growing around them, representing a CD ladder

Article Summary: CD laddering is a safe and effective way to save money and earn higher interest rates than a standard saving account. The strategy involves layering CDs that expire at different but regular intervals (i.e., annually). While this strategy helps to create increased liquidity and flexibility, there are some drawbacks to CD ladders. These […]