stock price analysis charts on laptop and phone

Article Summary: When the market price of a stock declines, and when probability suggests that the decline will be short-lived, traders look for buying opportunities. Enter pullback trading. A stock market pullback allows traders to buy a stock when the price is low and sell it for a tidy profit when the overall upward trend […]

crypto trading raises arms in sign of success in front of large trading data chart

Article Summary: Crypto trading has become popular. The first things you need to do to trade crypto are to (1) familiarize yourself with the different crypto exchange platforms and (2) choose one or more to use for your trading. Cryptocurrency exchanges are a way to make money through trading and interest. Two prominent exchanges are […]

hand of attorney points to where grantor needs to sign a document while setting up a trust and assigning the successor trustee

Article Summary: Many people set up trusts to add an extra level of protection for certain of their assets after they pass away. In the United States, a person setting up a trust will need to appoint a successor trustee. In the American legal system, a successor trustee is a person who takes on the […]

Article Summary: Gross, operating, and net profit margins all reveal different aspects of a company’s performance, such as what the business earns in revenue and where business expenses go. The gross profit margin calculates how much a company spends on producing goods or providing services only. Operating profit margin, however, considers the cost of goods […]

Man sitting at a table holding documents and looking at computer screen

Article Summary: While you can use some personal loans to pay for college expenses, it’s generally not a good idea. Most personal loan lenders prohibit the use of their personal loans for tuition expenses to avoid having to follow stricter lending regulations. Federal and private student loans generally offer more favorable loan terms and repayment […]

Woman in graduation cap and gown holding a piggy bank

Article Summary: Most private student loan lenders have five basic requirements that a borrower must meet. These include requirements based on the borrower’s desired school, age and citizenship status, credit history, potential cosigner, and use of loan funds. However, private student loans should only be considered after exhausting your federal student loan options. With college […]