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How to Pay for Grad School

If you’re considering pursuing your masters or graduate degree, your first major obstacle is the cost. How are you supposed to pay for grad school when you’re already struggling to pay off your undergraduate loans? But secondary education comes with advantages. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, a person with a master’s degree typically earns […]

how to barter

Everyone loves to save money. Whether you clip coupons, wait for Black Friday to make your big purchases, or covet the sale rack, it’s always best to spend less. So why not learn a technique that can let you buy goods without spending money at all? The lost art of bartering can be your ticket […]

gift allowances

Looking for a way to support a cause you care on an already overstretched budget? Consider donating airline miles or credit card rewards you’ve already earned. When you donate airline miles, you can support the causes you care about without having to pull from your savings. But how can you donate airline miles? Which organizations […]

In the class of 2018, about 69% of college graduates took out student loans to afford their tuition, according to the Federal Reserve. That means that the vast majority of graduates are carrying student debt. And students aren’t the only ones dragging debt around. Between student loans, home loans, auto loans, and more, 80.9% of […]

debt collector harassment

Drowning in debt is bad enough without having to deal with harassment from an army of debt collectors. Are you struggling to get out of debt while fending off a relentless barrage of debt collectors? We’ll help you get the debt collectors off your back so you can focus on downsizing your debt. Read on […]