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Article Summary: CVS Pharmacy has almost 10,000 locations across the United States. If you want to purchase a money order, chances are you can find a CVS near you that offers MoneyGram money transfer services. All you need to buy a money order is a government-issued ID and sufficient cash or a debit card. Money […]

tax forms, calculator, pencils, an post-it note with need help? written on it

Article Summary: The United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires taxpayers to file Form 8606 to report transactions within IRAs. If you have an IRA and have made nondeductible contributions, you will likely have to file Form 8606 — if not this year, sometime in the future. Individual retirement accounts (IRAs) make up the largest […]

tax pro working through some business tax calculations

Article Summary: Form 4797 is an important tax form used to report sales of business property. The IRS requires taxpayers involved in the sale or exchange of business property to file this form with their taxes. Even if you plan to have a tax professional help guide you through Form 4797, which is probably a […]

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Article Summary: The United States job market can be ruthless. When a company finds good employees, it wants to keep them. Retention bonuses are one means companies use to do this. These bonuses provide an incentive for employees to stay and keep working hard at the company. By the end of this article, you will […]

hands signing an agreement

Article Summary: Buy now, pay later — this is installment buying described in four words. Installment plans are a popular form of buying in which buyers gradually pay for something in incremental payments. By the end of this article, you will understand all of the basics of this type of financing. Installment buying gives consumers […]

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Article Summary: Guarantors allow individuals to buy or rent properties and get loans when they otherwise wouldn’t qualify. Guarantors do this by agreeing to meet the financial obligations of renters or borrowers who fail to do so. If you are not financially stable — or just lack the credit history to prove that you are […]

Woman filling in a Cash a Cashier’s Check

Article Summary: Cashier’s checks are a secure and efficient way to pay large sums of cash. When you buy a cashier’s check, you pay the bank to front its own funds for the check to eliminate the risk of the check bouncing. Cashing a cashier’s check is very similar to cashing any other type of […]

side view of metal postal service mailboxes

Article Summary: Both postal codes and zip codes are identification reference numbers that correlate to a specific location and direct mail services where to deliver packages. “Postal code” is the umbrella term for the numeric and letter system used in mail delivery around the world. The term “zip code” refers specifically to the coding system […]

empty store shelves with a notice to customers that they can only buy two of each product

Article Summary: Scarcity and shortage are foundational economic concepts. Scarcity refers to the economic reality that unlimited human desire pursues limited resources. Shortage refers to the availability of a good or service being less than the quantity demanded. You’ve heard people discussing the housing shortage or the scarcity of gold. You probably got the gist […]

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Article Summary: Jumping into buying a new stock can be fun and scary. Approaching investing with knowledge and a strategy can mitigate this risk and take emotions out of it. If you are contemplating investing in Imperium stocks, you have come to the right place to begin your research. Imperium Technology Group Limited is a […]

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Article Summary: Most people want to find a job they are passionate about and that makes them good money. There are dozens of jobs within the precious metals industry that are both fulfilling and pay well. As with any industry, opportunities depend on your location and skill level. Precious metals workers are highly skilled and […]

small business owner counting out petty cash with calculator and laptop

Article Summary: Petty cash is actual physical cash that a company keeps for a set of different uses, from postage to business lunches. It is a fund set up by a business to quickly and easily cover expenses and reimbursements that come up daily. Petty cash is a term you might have heard but were […]

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Article Summary: A balance transfer is the transfer of debt owed on a credit card or loan to another line of credit. Usually, balance transfers only make sense if you transfer a balance from a higher interest rate to a lower one. It can take up to six weeks for your debt balance to transfer […]

golden glow rising from open chest symbolizes purchasing power of a reopenend credit card account

Article Summary: You can reopen a closed credit card account in some cases at some credit card issuers. People may choose to close a credit card for many reasons. Closing your account in good standing gives you a good chance of easily reopening your account. On the other hand, a credit card issuer closing your […]

smiling loan originator in business attire with loan documents

Article Summary: The mortgage loan originator (MLO) is an integral part of the homebuying process. This individual or institution helps the borrower apply for, secure, and choose a mortgage loan. The process of buying or refinancing a home can be daunting. There seem to be an endless number of steps and countless options, all of […]

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Article Summary A business preparing an income statement has two reporting options available: a single-step income statement or a multi-step income statement. Both of these income statements report on the business’s profits, revenue, and expenses during a given period of time. Whether a business chooses to file a single-step income statement or a multi-step income […]

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Article Summary: A bridge loan is a short-term loan that borrowers use to finance a purchase while they secure long-term funding. They typically have higher interest rates and more expensive fees than regular mortgages. Both individuals and businesses make use of bridge loans. Individuals most often use them to help fund the purchase of a […]

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Article Summary: The loan principal is the original amount of money you borrow from a lender. All loans start with a principal and accumulate interest over the course of their repayment period. If you are looking to take out a large loan and plan to pay it off over a period of time, you will […]

room in loft apartment with expored ductwork and stairs to higher level

What Is a Loft Apartment?

Article Summary: Do you have lofty dreams, or do you want a dreamy loft? Loft apartments are modern and chic living spaces. They’re known for their tall ceilings, large windows, open spaces, and gritty but appealing aesthetics. In this article, you will learn more about what loft apartments are and why they are some of […]

family in room with moving boxes

What Is a Patio Home?

Article Summary: A patio home is a single-story home that shares walls with other units. Patio homes are similar to condos and townhouses, although there are differences between these types of homes. Patio homes are a great option for those with limited mobility or for those who want an entry-level home. Continue reading to learn […]