Father and son sitting on a couch smiling at a tablet showing the money in their Apple Pay account

How to Add Money to Apple Pay

Article Summary: Apple Pay is an easy and safe way to make purchases and send and receive money through your Apple devices. Apple Cash is like a debit card within Apple Pay. You can add money from an eligible debit or prepaid card to your Apple Cash balance in just a few simple steps through […]

Reference material for doing taxes, pen, pad, glasses, post-it note, laptop

Article Summary: Claiming a child on your taxes has several potential tax benefits. To determine who can claim a child on taxes with 50/50 custody, we look at three main qualifiers: custodial time, income, and mutual agreement between parents. When time is split 50/50 between two parents, the parent with the higher income claims the […]

chase credit card

Article Summary: Chase reports your credit card information to the three major credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. They send their reports, which include your credit limit, account balance, and payment history, three to four days after each month’s statement closing date. It’s useful to know your Chase statement dates so that you can pay […]

Rider riding a horse through a riding arena

How Much Does a Horse Cost?

Article Summary Today, the average horse sells for $3,000 to $5,000. However, costs range anywhere from $0 to $75,000, depending on a horse’s breed, training, age, and health. The average annual costs of horse ownership total anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000, but maintenance costs can skyrocket by several thousand dollars if you purchase new gear […]

Man sitting at a table holding documents and looking at a computer screen

Article Summary A bank statement is a document that details your bank account activity during a statement period. It includes your account information and lists all incoming and outgoing transactions over the last month. You’ll usually receive your bank statement on the same day each month, and you should review it as soon as possible […]

Petition to file some kind of bankruptcy, either Chapter 7 or Chapter 11

Article Summary: Comparing Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 11 comes down to how assets are handled. With Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a trustee liquidates all nonexempt assets to pay creditors. Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows businesses to retain ownership of their assets while executing court-monitored restructuring. Work with a professional bankruptcy attorney to understand the details of the […]

Person taking a picture of a check with their smartphone for mobile check deposit

Article Summary: Select Cash App users can deposit a paper check using the Mobile Check Capture feature. If the feature is available to you, you can deposit your check in just a few minutes in the Balance section of the app. You’ll want to make sure your check meets Cash App requirements and limits and […]

purchase price allocation

Article Summary: The purchase price of an acquired company can be broken into three components: goodwill, net tangible assets, and write-up amount. In public mergers and acquisition deals, regulating agencies require the purchaser to allocate and report accurate values of these three components. Accountants and independent business valuation specialists work together to assess the assets, […]

graphic depicting online trading on the left and a growing stack of cash on the right

Article Summary: We can best compare Edward Jones and Vanguard by assessing their investing products, minimum investments, fees and commissions, transfers, financial advising, and ownership models. Both are highly rated financial services platforms. Edward Jones offers a wide variety of products but has higher fees and minimum investment amounts. Vanguard is client-owned, making it one […]

Elderly couple looking and gesturing towards a computer choosing an annuity with favorable tax treatment

Article Summary: Annuities give you the peace of mind that you’ll have a steady income during retirement. Most annuities allow you to withdraw money early — before retirement or during your surrender period. Early withdrawal may come with limits and fees. Regardless, you’ll be subject to taxes when you cash out an annuity. It may […]

Hands holding jar of coins with label that reads savings

Article Summary: Renewing a certificate of deposit is both an intentional savings strategy and a default event. When your CD matures, you can either withdraw, reinvest, or renew. Most financial institutions will automatically renew a CD if the account holder doesn’t take action within a seven- to 10-day grace period. It’s up to you to […]

graphic of a piggy back in front of stacked gold and abstract U.S. currency or dollars

Article Summary: Opening a CD savings account is easy with SuperMoney’s resources. First, research and decide the CD strategy that best suits your financial goals. Then, use SuperMoney’s comparison tools to find the best provider with the most competitive annual percentage yield (APY). Finally, apply for and fund your CD. Online banking makes the process […]

Scrabble pieces spell out health insurance, sitting atop planning calendar with pills and other scrabble pieces scattered about

Article Summary: BIN, PCN, and GRP numbers are important identification numbers concerning your health insurance. The BIN number identifies your insurance provider; the PCN number is a secondary number for routing claims; and the GRP number identifies the employer through which you have the insurance. Health care providers and pharmacies use these numbers to file […]

Bank teller giving money to a customer

Article Summary: Holidays usually dictate whether banks are opened or closed. There are currently 11 federally-observed bank holidays in the United States. If a bank is closed, you can usually still deposit checks or withdraw cash. If you can, however, it’s best to take care of matters before or after the Federal holiday to avoid […]

A pink piggy bank with a coin inserted and coins scattered around

Article Summary: A savings bond is a type of bond purchased from the U.S. Department of Treasury that accrues compounding interest over one to 30 years They use a bond serial number to keep track of who the owner is. Bonds are available in paper and electronic forms. Each paper bond has a unique serial […]

Construction plans and estimated costs to build a porch

Article Summary: A porch can be a great addition to a house. The cost to build a porch depends on what type of porch you choose, its size, and other features. Local professionals can help you design and execute the best porch for you. Expect a porch to cost an average of $23 to $132 […]

view of electrical power lines against a blue sky, seen from below

Article Summary: Joining the energy workforce might be the best next step for your career. For one thing, you can make six figures with a job in energy. Based on median salary data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the three highest paying energy-related jobs are computer and information systems managers, architectural managers, […]

Green model car on a stack of coins, representing the market before used car prices drop

Article Summary: A shortage in semiconductor chips led to a lower inventory of new cars over the past few years. Decreased supply and steady demand caused used car prices to spike almost 50%. Now, prices are slowly going back down again. Your best opportunity to buy a used car is likely around the corner in […]

women reviews printed tax forms with return she is preparing online blurred in the background

Article Summary: Banks typically reject tax refunds due to a wrong account number or routing number on the recipient’s tax return. If your bank rejected your tax return, it’ll likely release the funds back to the IRS. The IRS will then issue a paper refund check. Avoid all of this by checking that you’ve entered […]

hand on paper

Article Summary: Certificates of deposit are a low-risk investment opportunity that can help you save up for a real estate purchase. You can use CD laddering to help stagger the maturity dates so that you have more access to your money when the right deal comes up. Be prepared with a plan to avoid penalties […]