Couple discussing their mortgage loan with a lender after sending a mortgage letter of explanation to the underwriter

Summary: A mortgage letter of explanation is a document that borrowers send to loan officers or underwriters to explain areas of concern in their mortgage application. As anyone with a property can tell you, the home-buying process is long and complicated. Not only can the process of finding a house be difficult, but preparing your […]

dispute charge

Summary When a cardholder disputes a transaction, the credit card’s issuing bank notifies the merchant of the payment dispute. The issuing bank then launches an investigation, which could lead to the dispute being granted (and the merchant losing the sale), or denied (and the merchant keeping the sale). Most of us have only seen the […]

Amazon 401k plan

Amazon 401k Plan 2023 Guide

Summary: Amazon offers a 401(k) plan to employees who work a certain number of hours for the company. The Amazon 401(k) plan for employees has a three-year vesting period, is transferrable, and matches 50% of your savings contributions. After you leave the company, you have several options for moving the money into a new account. […]

Walmart 401k plan

Walmart 401k Plan 2023 Guide

Summary: Walmart offers a 401(k) plan to all of its employees to help them save for retirement. The Walmart 401(k) plan for employees is immediately accessible to each employee, can be transferred when an employee quits, and has a 6% dollar-for-dollar employer match that starts after one year. Most companies, including Walmart, offer a 401(k) […]