Wedding Loans

The $3,000 Wedding: How We Did It

When my husband and I had the crazy idea to plan a wedding in three weeks, the only thing we knew for sure was that we were flat broke. I probably had a few thousand in savings and my husband had none. We were broke and in love and hell-bent on getting married. An elopement […]

How to Prep for a Garage Sale

When in the process of paying off debt, you’ll find that you’ll do pretty much anything to try and make more money to pay off that debt a lot faster. Let’s face it—being poor sucks, and watching your hard-earned money go toward debt repayments is a total downer. For this reason, garage sales are often […]

As I start to approach 30, the idea of starting a family has been a reoccurring topic in our household. Of course, all the inevitable questions start to pop up as we prepare for this new stage of our life: Are we financially stable? Are we emotionally ready? Can we afford it? How much will […]

Credit Cards

How to Pay for Grad School

After fighting myself tooth and nail, I finally decided this past year to go to grad school. For years, I’ve known that I’ve wanted to get a master’s degree, but for the longest time, I didn’t know what for. First, I applied to journalism school and got accepted. When the price tag was going to […]

This year, my husband and I vowed to make eating well a priority. To us, this meant eating more whole foods, fruits, vegetables, meats…pretty much anything that came in its natural form and not from a box with ingredients we couldn’t pronounce. On any given week, I would say about 90% of my meals are […]

There are countless articles on ways to save money or spend less money, and how to do that using coupons or other tactics. But what about the artful skill of bartering? Exchanging your services in return for a colleague’s services. Would you be offended if someone offered to barter with you? Or would you be […]

My husband and I argue about money. He spends a lot, and I would like him to spend less. But the thing that my husband spends money on–and the reason for the biggest re-occurring argument about money that we have– would probably shock most of you: My husband spends a lot of money on food. […]

Unlike birthdays and Christmases when you may ask for something you really need, such as a kitchen appliance or something for the house, Valentine’s Day is a time to receive something you really, really want. And if you and your loved one have already cemented the tradition of exchanging gifts, you may be running out […]

It’s probably been argued for as long as they’ve been around: when it comes to taxes, is it better to give than to receive? In an ideal world, it would be easiest if you could just guarantee that you wouldn’t owe any taxes or receive any refund. The personal finance community and most financial experts […]

It seems to happen every year—everyone makes these great New Year’s resolutions and goals, start off strong in achieving them, and end up slacking off by the third week of January. You wouldn’t be the only one that this happens to. Scientists agree that it takes approximately three weeks for the average person to form […]