Signing a check

According to a recent survey by the FDIC, 25% of U.S. households are unbanked or underbanked. Unbanked households have no bank account at all. Underbanked households have a bank account, but they still use financial services outside the banking system to make ends meet, such as payday loans. If you’re one of the millions of […]

Will Baby Boomers Trigger the Next Housing Bubble

With real estate prices rising for almost a decade, there has been much speculation on the next housing bubble popping. The last housing bubble didn’t end well, to put it mildly. There was a glut of housing available – so much so that lenders started giving mortgages (so-called “subprime mortgages”) to almost everyone who wanted to buy a […]

Reverse mortgage SuperMoney

A reverse mortgage is a loan for homeowners who are 62 and older who want to convert part of the equity in their home into cash (usually tax-free). The borrower keeps the title of the house and is still responsible for paying property taxes, utilities, home insurance, maintenance, and other related costs. It can be a great […]

Credit Union Auto Loans

Finding a good deal on an auto loan can save you hundreds of dollars over the life of your loan. In fact, shopping for an auto loan is often just as important as choosing the right car.  However, a lot of people don’t know where to even start researching the lowest auto loan rates. Don’t immediately accept […]

What is 0% APR

Article Summary Fixed interest rates will almost always stay the same for the term of the loan. Variable interest rates are subject to change based on varying market conditions. Variable APR can be better for those who are comfortable with the additional risk, while fixed rates are better for those who want stability and predictability. […]

How to save for college - Student Loan Grace Period

Going to college can be an excellent experience, but paying your student loans after you’ve graduated is not quite as enjoyable. For college graduates who have a job lined up right out of school, starting to pay off your student loans right away makes sense. However, it takes some time for many graduates to find work. […]

Get Student Loans Out of Default

Defaulting on a student loan doesn’t mean missing a couple of payments. Student loan default is the result of lengthy delinquency in payments, and it is not a situation in which you want to find yourself. Defaulting on your student loan may result in legal action, including being sued, having your wages garnished, and missing out on tax returns […]

auto refinancing requirements

Many people will get an auto loan to purchase a car and then not give it much thought after that, other than the monthly payment. However, it’s possible you could be saving money by refinancing your auto loan. Gary Guthridge, manager of the consumer lending portfolio for Navy Federal Credit Union, advises, “Don’t overlook your […]

settlement loans

If you’re a plaintiff in a lawsuit hoping and waiting for a settlement so that you can get your life back on track and pay your medical bills, you might consider a settlement loan. A settlement or lawsuit loan is when you borrow money against the proceeds you expect to win in a lawsuit. Picture […]

Renters insurance mistakes

We were renting a home in Long Beach and our daughter left the garage door open. Although it was only open for about 20 minutes — and during the middle of the day! — someone stole my husband’s $3,000 bike. Our daughter got in trouble, my husband was upset, and it seemed as though our […]


Who on earth would want to buy liability insurance on a vehicle it doesn’t own? The answer may surprise you. In fact, you may have already bought non-owned car liability insurance many times without realizing what it was. What does non-owned auto liability insurance mean anyway? Non-owned car liability insurance is best described as an […]

user sends money from cellphone

You’re relaxing at home when your son, who is studying abroad in Spain for the year, calls with a desperate plea for money. He’s been stranded in a small town and doesn’t have any way to pay for the train back to school. Can you wire him some cash? There are several ways to transfer […]

worth hiring an insurance agency

There are a few aspects of life that aren’t all that exciting. Shopping for auto insurance is one of them. However, if you own a car, you must purchase car insurance. It’s the law. However, how you shop for insurance is up to you. This article will discuss whether it is worth hiring an auto […]


Article Summary Not having auto insurance when you need it can be costly. So can having the wrong auto insurance. This article will tell you what you need to know to find the right price on the right kind of insurance. Should you go through an agent or a broker? Should you deal with someone […]

Best USAA secured credit cards

PLEASE NOTE: The USAA® Secured Card Platinum Visa and the USAA Secured Card American Express are currently not available to new applicants. USAA has announced it is working on launching a new secured card.  Secured cards can help new credit users build a credit history, or help people with damaged credit get back on track. […]

no exam life insurance

Most life insurance companies require you to get a medical exam to qualify for a policy. But what if you don’t have time for an appointment, or you hate needles, or you have a health issue that may complicate matters? Good news—there’s a way around it. The question is whether or not it’s the right […]

Guaranteed Life Insurance Pros and Cons

Guaranteed life insurance is exactly what it says it is: you are guaranteed a life insurance policy no matter your health or age. These policies are most often purchased by people with current or past health problems, or by people who don’t have the option to buy life insurance through an employer. In fact, this […]