auto refinancing requirements

Many people will get an auto loan to purchase a car and then not give it much thought after that, other than the monthly payment. However, it’s possible you could be saving money by refinancing your auto loan. Gary Guthridge, manager of the consumer lending portfolio for Navy Federal Credit Union, advises, “Don’t overlook your […]

Assurant got its start back in 1892 under the original name LaCrosse Mutual Aid Association. Based in La Crosse, Wisconsin at the time, the first product the company sold was disability insurance.   LaCrosse Mutual Aid Association eventually changed its name to Time Insurance Company. It operated under that name for a century before becoming […]

settlement loans

If you’re a plaintiff in a lawsuit hoping and waiting for a settlement so that you can get your life back on track and pay your medical bills, you might consider a settlement loan. A settlement or lawsuit loan is when you borrow money against the proceeds you expect to win in a lawsuit. Picture […]

Renters insurance mistakes

We were renting a home in Long Beach and our daughter left the garage door open. Although it was only open for about 20 minutes — and during the middle of the day! — someone stole my husband’s $3,000 bike. Our daughter got in trouble, my husband was upset, and it seemed as though our […]

Who on earth would want to buy liability insurance on a vehicle it doesn’t own? The answer may surprise you. In fact, you may have already bought non-owned car liability insurance many times without realizing what it was. What does non-owned auto liability insurance mean anyway? Non-owned car liability insurance is best described as an […]

how to send money for free

You’re relaxing at home when your son, who is studying abroad in Spain for the year, calls with a desperate plea for money. He’s been stranded in a small town and doesn’t have any way to pay for the train back to school. Can you wire him some cash? There are several ways to transfer […]

Marketplace lending is still a fairly new opportunity for individual investors. The online platform allows investors to match up with borrowers. Prosper is just one of online platforms out there that can be used for marketplace lending. If you’re researching more on Prosper for investors, read on ahead. The borrower asks for a loan amount, […]

Prosper: It’s a great name for a loan company, because don’t we all strive to prosper? The company itself is certainly prospering. As the first online lending marketplace in the United States, Prosper is disrupting the way lending works, and giving banks a scare in the process. Prosper is a marketplace lending platform, meaning it […]