How Do I Get Out Of Debt

12 Secret Tips To Getting Out of Debt

Debt keeps you down and makes it hard to live a fulfilling life. When your bank balance teeters on empty, your credit cards are maxed out and debt collectors keep calling, it’s natural to feel discouraged and want to give up and stop trying. Related article: Wages Garnished? Here’s What to Do Next If you’re […]

Shortly before revealing the iPhone 6 to the world, Apple was once again in the headlines. But this time around, the revelations were anything but welcome, except perhaps to sexual voyeurs. Related article: Apple Pay vs. Google Wallet: a Comparison of Mobile Payment Systems Nude and sexually provocative photos of female celebrities including model Kate […]

Mint is, arguably, the most powerful and comprehensive free personal finance app around. The only problem is it has a steep learning curve and requires you to invest a ton of time before you can even begin to see its true potential. This means only anal retentive, type-A, financially geeks without a life (sigh) get […]

The costs of owning and maintaining a vehicle are rising these days, and there is no significant change on the horizon. According to a recent Consumer Reports article, the national average for gas prices is quickly approaching $4 a gallon as we move into the official summer season. This is prompting many drivers to tackle […]


10 Must-Know Tax Tips for Freelancers

There are many things to love about freelancing. Better work-life balance; the option of choosing your own work hours and clients; not having to deal with backstabbing workmates; and having a gin and tonic with lunch from time to time – just because you can — come quickly to mind. Filing your taxes just ain’t […]