Running a small business is a major investment of your time and energy. To some extent, being your own boss will always be a gamble. However, there are ways to protect your financial security, and taking advantage of small business loans is one. Take the time to investigate and prepare for financing before you need […]

Personal Loans for Home Improvement

How Does a Home Improvement Loan Work?

Sick of staring at that 30-year-old formica countertop? Are you planning to make major improvements to your home to increase the value of it? Home improvements — from major projects, like a large addition, to small jobs, like replacing the fridge — can be a considerable investment, and they may not be something for which […]

0% car loan

If you’ve listened to the radio or turned on the TV — especially around a holiday — you’ve almost definitely heard dealer offers for 0% interest on a new car. However, if you’ve tried to take advantage of these offers, you may be miffed to discover you or your purchase don’t qualify. Here’s how to […]

Best places to refinance your loan

Best Places to Refinance Your Car Loan

Refinancing your car loan could save you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan, especially if you didn’t have great credit when you bought the car. Are you worried it isn’t worth the time commitment of gathering paperwork and meeting with loan officials? “It’s actually a pretty easy thing,” says Matt Jones, senior […]