Woman counting dollar bills

Summary As of early 2023, some states have already sent payments in the form of a refund, direct deposit, or debit card to offset the increasing costs of living. A few other states are still in the process of sending payments or are trying to get relief programs approved. However, these checks offer only short-term […]

Young woman reviewing job requirements for positions with housing included

Summary: Some of the best jobs that offer housing include seasonal resort worker, cruise ship employee, live-in nanny or au pair, camp counselor, and ranch hand. While there are many advantages to jobs that provide free housing and paid utilities, there are also a few drawbacks. Individuals in all career paths are feeling the financial […]

Hands holding up two passports with illustrations on them

Summary: Having dual citizenship, complete with a second passport, comes with multiple benefits. In addition to the more traditional ways by which countries grant citizenship — such as by birth, naturalization, or marriage — several countries also offer citizenship by investment or by descent. The easiest countries to get citizenship include Malta, Portugal, Turkey, Vanuatu, […]

Toronto, Canada

Summary: Some of the easiest countries to relocate to as a U.S. citizen include Canada, Ecuador, Greece, Malta, Mexico, Portugal, and Spain. The best country to move to for one person may not be the same as for another; which country will best meet your personal needs and wants depends on your financial means, as […]

Two bank employees working some of the best paying jobs in finance and reviewing an investment spreadsheet

Summary: Some of the best-paying finance jobs include chief financial officer, financial manager, financial software developer, and actuary. Most jobs in the financial services industry require a bachelor’s degree, while others require higher education. The financial industry offers a variety of competitive and high-paying career opportunities in areas such as personal finance, investment banking, accounting, […]