rv loans maximum term

RVing is a quintessential American pastime, and with the rising trend of #vanlife, its popularity has only grown. Just last year, RV manufacturers shipped 504,599 brand-new RVs—17% more than the previous year.  If you’d like to jump on the wanderlust bandwagon, you’ll probably need to take out an RV loan. But how long can you take […]

what exactly does car insurance cover

Sometimes it seems like you need a Ph.D. to decode car insurance terms. What do all the numbers mean? What is the difference between comprehensive insurance and collision insurance? And for goodness’ sake, what the heck do all those acronyms stand for? If you’re confused by all the terms (and frankly, who isn’t?), don’t worry. […]

how much can you borrow with a business loan

Tesla. Google. Walt Disney. Virgin. All of these businesses have been hugely successful for a number of reasons. But do you know one thing that each business had in common? They had enough funds for these businesses to realize their full potential. Maybe you aren’t aiming to become a multi-national conglomerate. Even if you’re just […]


You might have hopes for world domination when you launch your startup, or at least market domination. It takes a lot of work to get such a business off the ground, though. You can give your startup a financial boost and potential leg up over the competition by applying for a small-business grant. However, be […]

can paying off your car improve your credit score

There are lots of reasons for paying off a car loan early. Once you’ve paid off your debt, you’ll own your own car! You’ll be free of your obligation to the lender, and you’ll pocket hundreds of extra dollars every month. And successfully paying off your auto loan will boost your credit score. Or will […]


If you’ve bought term life insurance, congratulations! You’ve taken an important step in protecting your loved ones from financial hardship. When your term is nearing completion, you might start receiving letters from your insurance company touting the benefits of converting your term policy to a whole life policy. They’ll make it sound as if it’s […]


Ah, whole life insurance. Few products are more controversial in the financial world. Critics say  whole life insurance salespeople are simply doing the financial equivalent of selling ice to an Eskimo because most people don’t need these pricey policies. But for other people, whole life insurance can literally be a lifesaver under the right certain […]


The average auto loan in America is about $30,000 at a 60 month loan term. With an interest rate of 3.0%, you’ll pay a total of $2344 in interest over the life of the loan. But if you increase the rate to 6%, that interest expense balloons to $4799. That’s $2445 more or almost 10% […]


It’s hard to juggle multiple loans. Every month, they consume a significant portion of your paycheck. This goes doubly if you are juggling auto and home loans — likely two of the biggest purchases you’ll make in your life. As such, the combined balances and monthly payments can be huge. Read this for a detailed […]


It can sometimes be tough to get an auto loan, especially if you don’t have good credit or a steady paycheck. You may be charged outrageous rates for an auto loan, and in some cases, you might even be denied outright. Maybe you’ve heard about getting a cosigner for an auto loan, but can that […]

Pay Off Your Auto Loan Fast

How much do you spend on your auto loan payment every month? The average American with a car loan spends $495 for a new vehicle, and $362 for a used vehicle, Experian’s recent State of the Automotive Finance Market report found. With monthly payments like that, it’s no wonder you’d want to get that monkey […]