Founded in 2010, BillGuard was a personal finance security company that set out to solve a crucial problem: fraudulent charges on credit cards. Throughout its seven-year lifespan, BillGuard flagged millions of dollars in suspect charges. What was BillGuard? Fraudulent charges happen more often than you think. And even in the case of legal, deliberate purchases, […]

travel hacks

Traveling is complicated. From packing the luggage “just right” to hustling your way through busy airports, getting ready for a trip is never simple. Here are sixty travel hacks to make your next trip a whole lot easier. 1. Roll your clothes instead of folding them. This saves 3X more space. Here’s a nice video […]

Top Personal Finance Apps

When it comes to money management, we could all use some help. Luckily, there are plenty of personal finance & money management apps that let you manage all of your bank accounts right from your smartphone. Based on our popularity data, here are the top personal finance apps our experts recommend. 1. Hello Wallet This is […]

You are lucky sitting there in your cozy cabin clicking and rolling the mouse. Here is a beautiful infographic that lists out the top hazardous jobs in USA. Shocking numbers there. Courtesy – Term Life Insurance   Need cash in a hurry but don’t know which personal loan company you can trust? Supermoney is here […]

We’ve all heard the unfortunate news. Manilla has pulled the plug and will no longer be available post-June 2014. How sad! It was the most popular money management app in the SuperMoney community and many are expressing their shock to see it go. Luckily, for the personal finance enthusiast, we have alternatives and quite honestly, some […]

It’s believed that 70 million counterfeit dollars are in circulation today. So chances are, if you haven’t already used one, you’ll probably see one soon. How can you stay safe? Simple: learn to identify fakes on-sight. Read on if you want to learn how to detect counterfeit money. How do you identify counterfeit money? Want […]

Prepaid Credit Card That Builds Credit

Your credit score has a massive impact on your financial life. A good credit score can win you excellent rates and terms on loans, credit cards, and more. A bad credit score, on the other hand, can keep you out of your dream apartment, or leave you struggling with exorbitant interest rates — if you […]

These days, 24 hours in a day is never enough. We’re all so busy multitasking that sitting down to read feels like a rare luxury. Fortunately, there’s a modern solution to this modern problem. Enter audiobooks. Desperate to read that superstar CEO’s new autobiography? With audiobooks, you can learn what you need to know on […]

We know what you’re thinking. “Yeah, yeah… Heard them a million times before! What’s new?” Well, we’re not talking about taking that magic shot pill here. But scientifically proven, 100% working, time-tested & proven methods to boost your productivity. Here goes. 1. The secret productivity tip from Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Napoleon, […]