Couple filling out Form 15109 after receiving Notice CP04

Summary: The IRS Notice CP04 informs you that you or your spouse has served in a combat zone, qualified contingency operation, or hazardous duty station during the tax year specified. This may qualify you for tax deferment, but you will need to file Form 15109, Request for Tax Deferment, before the due date listed on […]

Man working on a laptop next to graphic that reads "IRS Tax Notices"

Summary: IRS Notice CP08 notifies taxpayers that they may qualify for the Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC). The ACTC is fully refundable and designed to provide additional assistance to families who may have little or no tax liability. Taxpayers who receive the notice should carefully review it and fill out two forms, Form 15110 and […]

Financial advisor reviewing Roth IRA paperwork with a client, explaining how a Roth IRA can lose money

Summary: You can withdraw from an IRA without penalty as long as you’re using those funds to pay for higher education, medical treatment, or a first-time home purchase. However, you can also borrow from an IRA provided the borrowed amount is under $10,000 (or less than half the IRA) and you repay the amount in […]

Investor checking market fluctuations of VTSAX vs VFIAX

What Are FAANG Stocks?

Article Summary The FAANG stocks (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google) are considered to be some of the largest and most valuable technology companies in the world. There has been debate about adding a sixth stock, Microsoft, to the group, creating the FAANG 6. Additionally, there are other tech companies referred to as “FAANG plus” […]