Looking to buy big? Financing large home purchases—like a new refrigerator or television—has long been a big selling point of major brick-and-mortar stores, but now some of the biggest online retailers are offering amazing financing options. Amazon and PayPal both offer ways for you to finance the purchases that you make online. Just like larger… Read More

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If you’ve just been rejected for a mortgage, chances are good that you’re fuming. Answers from the lender might be shortcoming or vague at best. However, there are some common reasons that people get rejected for a mortgage. Once you learn what they are, you’ll have a pretty good guess why you didn’t make the… Read More

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While many want to dethrone the one percent, many also want to become the one percent, or at least live as much like them as possible. Even those who have inherited their fortunes use inside knowledge to keep them. Here are five tips from the super rich that you can steal to guide your financial future. Continue reading

(Image: © Lel4nd via Flickr) Every parent wants to best prepare their kids to be responsible, successful adults. It’s the most essential role of parenting. While you know you need to teach your kids good study habits and instill them with proper morals and ethics, you might not have considered training for their financial future. Worst of all, you might be setting a bad example for them with your financial habits. Not Budgeting A well-planned budget is the cornerstone of … Continue reading