Apartment building with black and orange brick with windows and balconies

Article Summary: Before a landlord approves you for an apartment, they’ll need to see a reasonable credit score, proof of income, and a clean background check. Depending on the property manager, you may also need to provide references from your employer or former landlords. One of the first hallmarks of adulthood is getting your first […]

Wallet sitting on the ground with a person walking away in the background

Article Summary: If you confirm that your wallet is indeed stolen or lost, first lock your debit and credit cards. You should then contact any institution with a card in your wallet, including your credit card issuers, car and health insurance companies, and all three credit bureaus. If you know your wallet was stolen, file […]

wires, partly with blue glow, passing between metal panels in symbolic representation of electronic fund transfers

Article Summary: ACH withdrawals are the electronic version of writing a check to a financial institution. They are automated and are done through an electronic process that makes recurring bill payments easier for customers. If you have a recurring bill, you might have noticed an option to pay via ACH withdrawal. This is one of […]

Article Summary: Zero-lot-line properties are homes that use all the space in a lot, typically bringing the home very close to the boundary line. If you live in a crowded area, zero-lot line homes can be a good way to maximize the amount of space you can use. Investing in real estate is a significant […]

Man sitting at a table holding documents and looking at computer screen

Article Summary: A billing statement is a listing of the transactions made on an account during a period of time, usually a month. In the case of credit cards, it outlines a user’s spending activity over the previous month. This statement clearly lists the user’s minimum required payment, any rewards earned, any interest fees charged, […]

Man signing form with a model car in foreground

Article Summary: A car title is a legal document proving that you own a vehicle. If you do not own the vehicle outright, there will be notes on your title about the lienholder or lender. When you finally pay off the car, you will receive the actual title and appear as the owner free and […]

Man with gloves and a flashlight inspecting a vehicle's engine

Article Summary: Branded titles belong to cars that experienced serious damage, such as during a major accident or a storm. If you see a branded title being sold at a dealership, it has been repaired and inspected by your state’s DMV. The vehicles are often sold at a discount because of their previous damage histories. […]

Rows of cars with varying levels of damage to vehicle bodies and windows

Article Summary: A rebuilt car title means that your car suffered extreme damage at one point and was declared a total loss. From there, the car was repaired to the point that it has been deemed street legal. Repaired titles are given as a way to show that the car has been rebuilt, rather than […]

1099 vs w2

Article Summary: W2 employees are protected by labor laws and workers’ compensation insurance. They can have their taxes withheld by employers and obtain employee benefits. 1099 and W9 workers are independent contractors and lack these protections and benefits. If you are getting a job offer, tax forms are going to be a major part of […]

reference material for doing business taxes, pen, pad, glasses, post-it note, laptop

Article Summary: Employees fill out W-4 and W-9 forms, while employers provide W2s. The W-4 form shows how many withholding allowances you claim, plus your tax information. W-9 forms give employers information about workers who are independent contractors. At the end of the year, W-4 employees receive a W-2 form from employers showing how many […]