1040 form with calculator in back and blocks spelling "Tax Time"

Article Summary: Tax Topic 152 is an alert that tells you that your tax refund might be delayed as a result of several common reasons. These may include submitting your return late, filing an amended return, or claiming Earned Income Tax Credit. It’s nothing to worry about and does not require you to pursue any […]

Couple sitting across from each other with documents and pen on the table and wedding rings sitting on top

Article Summary: As long as you do not feel threatened in your current relationship, start preparing for your divorce by collecting personal information and financial paperwork. This includes gathering bank account statements, retirement account information, and an updated credit report. In addition to collecting financial accounts, hire a reputable divorce attorney to ensure the legal […]

Group of students in an apartment hanging out and studying

Article Summary: When you consider tuition fees, textbooks, transportation, and food, being able to afford an apartment in college may seem out of reach. However, there are more resources and options available to college students than you may realize. College is expensive. Not only are you paying thousands of dollars in tuition, but also books, […]

woman in purple scrubs examing teeth and gums with magnifying aid

Article Summary: Though the average dentist salary varies from $110,000 to over $265,000, depending on location and specialty, dentists in most locations average over $170,000. The national median salary for dentists in 2020 was about $164,000. These salaries are obviously attractive, but many dentists do have to contend with shocking levels of student debt at […]

Women holding graduation caps in a row

Article Summary: Sororities are university organizations that are part of “Greek life.” They offer social events, volunteer opportunities, as well as housing for women who are undergraduates in colleges. Most sororities will cost between $1,000 and $4,750 per semester. If you want to go “all in” on college life, chances are that you have considered […]

Young woman in scrubs leaning over and smiling at a dog

Article Summary: The average salary for a veterinarian is around $99,300. However, salary does vary a lot depending on the industry and veterinarian specialty you work in. We all love our pets and visiting zoos. Many people dream of being a veterinarian when they are young, but in reality, it’s something that only a handful […]

Man signing form with a model car in foreground

Article Summary: As car prices increase, longer terms, such as 72-month car loans (six years) are becoming more popular. Auto loans with a 6-year term have lower monthly payments, but this also means you have to pay more interest over the life of the loan. In some cases, it can also trap borrowers in a […]

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What Is FIT Tax?

Article Summary: The term “FIT taxes” refers to “federal income taxes” employers are required to withhold from paychecks. How much money is set aside for FIT taxes will depend on your age, filing status, and income level. It’s a cliche for a reason. We really can’t escape taxes. Every single thing you do in life […]

Woman looking questioningly while man holds house model

Article Summary: A curtailment occurs when a homeowner pays off his or her mortgage balance ahead of schedule. This may be done either in the form of a lump sum that clears the mortgage entirely or smaller additional monthly payments. However, lenders can also curtail your loan if there has been a calculation error or […]

Two sacks with dollar signs on scale opposite house model

Article Summary: Homeowners’ insurance generally won’t be tax-deductible if you live in the home that you’ve insured. However, if you rent out a part of your property or use the home as a vacation rental, then it’s considered a tax-deductible expense related to your business. Unfortunately, homeownership insurance premiums are typically not tax-deductible for your […]

A colorful row of homes, any of which could be in foreclosure

Article Summary: It is possible to buy a distressed or foreclosed home without cash by either financing the purchase or assuming the original owner’s mortgage. Some sellers are willing to transfer ownership of a property and let the buyer assume the mortgage to avoid having a foreclosure on their credit history. This option can be […]

Grid paper with "fixed rate" and "adjustable rate" written down

Article Summary: A 5/1 ARM is a loan that starts with a low fixed rate, then converts to an adjustable-rate mortgage after five years. Your home loan will change rates every year, based on the current mortgage rate prices on the market. While this could be a great deal for house flippers, long-term homeowners may […]

Man pointing at house model with pen

Article Summary: Almost every major real estate transaction involves a home appraisal. Appraisals ensure that the home is sold at an appropriate price that satisfies all parties involved. The entire process shouldn’t take longer than 14 days, and a typical appraisal takes between five and 10 days for a standard single-family home. Multifamily homes may […]

Row of houses and apartment buildings

Article Summary House hacking is the practice of earning income from your own homes or real estate. This includes everything from renting out subunits in a multifamily property to building a secondary unit on your own land. House hacking is a creative way to supplement your home’s income and may even pay off your mortgage […]

Image of home with calculator, money, and house keys

Article Summary: REO stands for “real estate owned” and refers to foreclosed houses that have not yet sold at the customary foreclosure sale. REO homes are sold “as is,” and tend to be at a high discount. However, some REO houses require so much work they are no longer a good investment. The real estate […]

Couple high fiving while looking at a computer screen

Article Summary: A satisfaction of mortgage is a document that confirms your mortgage loan is fully paid and you no longer owe money on the house. Once you’ve finished paying off your mortgage, the mortgage lender will send you this document. It gives you details on how to get the title and deed to your […]

Man looking at computer with two screens of houses and a map

Article Summary: Over the past few years, homes have sold within a matter of weeks. But how long will this rate last? It’s hard to say. Several factors determine how quickly a house sells, and you can’t always control them. Some of these factors include staging your home, paying extra for those professional photos, and […]

Man looking confused at several papers

Article Summary: Cosigning on a mortgage loan is a way to ensure that a borrower can qualify for a home purchase. However, it’s extremely risky and will push financial responsibility onto the cosigner if the primary borrower can’t make payments. Most loans may have a cosigner, and you may have even experienced the process. But […]

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Article Summary: A partial claim is a special assistance loan offered by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). If you have an FHA mortgage, are behind on your payments, and want to prevent foreclosure, you may be able to get a claim. With a claim, your late mortgage bills will be paid by the FHA. Once […]

Man looking at his mortgage balance and wondering whether he is underwater

Article Summary An underwater mortgage is a mortgage that has a higher principal balance than the current market value of the home. This can have long-reaching issues for both borrowers and lenders. If you listen to the news, you already know that an underwater mortgage is not something you ever want to have. It often […]