will a swimming pool add value to your home

Are you thinking about adding a swimming pool? You’re certainly not alone. About 16 percent of homes have a pool, according to the Census Bureau. However, it is a big decision to make. Pools don’t come cheap. So you’re probably wondering “will a swimming pool increase the value of my home?” It’s smart to consider the return on […]

10 Smart Tips to Stop Impulse Buying

So you’re walking around the mall for no apparent reason and see a nice pair of shoes. You know you don’t really need another pair but you’re bored and you buy it anyway. Then you come home and realize you have a very similar pair of shoes that you haven’t even worn yet. Related article: […]

Have you ever wondered why men’s body products are always in shades of gray and red? Or why many female products are pink and flowery? These design choices aren’t random, nor are they solely chosen for aesthetic appeal. Positioning and Image Creation Many companies rely on advertising to sell their image, product, and brand. As […]

Being successful in life isn’t always about money, but it is important. Stop envying the rich people in your life, and join them in being debt free, financially stable, and happy! Below are ten things that financially successful people don’t do so that they can avoid stress, and live richer lives (pun intended).  10. They […]

How Do I Get Out Of Debt

Want to start living a life without debt? You may scoff and think that it’s nearly impossible, but it’s actually realistic if you change some of your habits. Below are 15 habits of debt-free (and probably happier and less stressed) people. 1. They set a budget for everything. Debt free people plan out their finances […]

It’s easy to get caught up in the busy routine at work, and forget that your workplace can and should be a positive space. Below are ten simple things you can do now to make everyone happy at your workplace, including you! 10. Say “hi” to your coworkers Try to build a more social community […]

With wedding season coming up, brides and grooms-to-be may be feeling the pinch with all the planning and spending they’re doing for their big days ahead. Having a tight budget or wanting to save money on your wedding does not have to compromise the quality of your wedding! Here are some ways not to go […]