Where is the security code on a debit card

 Article Summary: Your debit card security code verifies your identity and ownership over the card online and over the phone. This code is printed on the back of the card near the signature panel for Mastercard and Visa debit cards or printed on the front for American Express cardholders. Table of contents: What is a […]

IRS tax preparer penalties

 Article Summary: A penalty abatement letter outlines to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) why you missed the due date for your tax filing or payment and provides you a chance to request penalty relief. By proving you have a reasonable cause for your late filing—such as a medical emergency—with supporting documents, like a doctor’s note […]

How long does a debit card refund take

 Article Summary: All debit cards have an expiration date printed on the lower half of the card. Though the expiration date may be years away now, your bank may be sending you a new card sooner than you think. Find out how to keep track of your debit card’s expiration date, what to do when […]