Investor reviewing paperwork to learn how CDs work

Article Summary: A certificate of deposit — or CD for short — is an excellent secure, low-interest investment vehicle. In exchange for an initial deposit, a CD will typically pay higher interest rates than most savings accounts and money market accounts. However, unlike these accounts, you can’t withdraw from a CD until it matures, making […]

Woman looking at her estimate of how much money she needs to live off interest

Article Summary: How much money you need to live off interest depends as much on your desired lifestyle as it does on the fundamentals of your investments. Also, how big those investment accounts get and how much interest they generate depends a lot on the strategies you chose to employ to build your wealth. For […]

Elderly couple looking and gesturing toward a computer

Article Summary: Pensions and annuities both guarantee financial stability and security after you retire, but they are important differences to consider. For starters, pensions are given to employees by their employers, while annuities are offered by private insurance companies. Understanding the key differences between pensions and annuities will help you decide which option is right […]

Young woman excited about her Amex pre-approval

Article Summary: You can apply for an Amex pre-approval by applying online for a specific credit card. However, even if you are pre-approved (or pre-qualified), that doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to receive an Amex credit card. American Express is a premium credit card provider whose products offer some of the best perks and rewards […]

Fully repaired and prepared home for sale

Article Summary: When you’re getting ready to sell your home, don’t worry about making your windows “energy efficient,” fixing minor electrical issues, or repairing walkway cracks. However, you’ll have to fix any major structural issues, sewer problems, and furnace blockages a home inspector comes across. To truly maximize your home’s value, you may also want […]

Pile of money with red toy car and calculator on top

Article Summary: You can take over someone else’s car payments by communicating with the original lender and having the proper paperwork in order. This means the seller has the car’s title, bill of sale, and the original contract, while the buyer has the necessary insurance coverage and financial backing. Life sometimes throws us curveballs, and […]