5 alternatives to student loans

For high school students and their parents, there’s a lot going on … schoolwork, extracurricular activities, spending time with friends. But as graduation draws near, college preparation becomes a priority. It’s no secret the costs associated with college are a hot topic right now. With tuition rising nearly every year, it’s critical to have a good plan […]


You already know car insurance is important and mandatory to drive legally. While the fun part is picking out a car and all its options, you should also pay attention to the choices when it comes to auto insurance, as doing so will save you money and get you the coverage you need. What often […]


During the Great Recession, one of the biggest triggers was the collapse of the housing loan bubble.  Too many lenders were giving loans to those who had poor credit (called subprime loans).  These borrowers would then be stretched too thin, and many stopped paying on their mortgage.  Mass defaults caused a major economic collapse. Read […]