Happy Millennial banking on his mobile

Article Summary: It’s no secret that Millennials are not the biggest fans of banking institutions. However, financial technology companies, such as Douugh, SoFi, and Chime, are joining forces with traditional banks to change the way Millennials (and everyone else) bank. Millennials have trust issues when it comes to large banking institutions. Here are three statistics […]

Verizon Card

Are you a member of America’s most reliable mobile network? Then you may qualify for an exclusive credit card that is only available to Verizon Wireless customers. Read SuperMoney’s in-depth This is Verizon Visa® Card review to determine if this is a good deal for you. What is the This is Verizon Visa® Card? The […]

user sends money from cellphone

Sending money overseas is big business. In 2019, people paid more than $47 billion in money transfer fees. In total, over $700 billion were sent to other countries in small amounts  — mostly by migrants workers wiring money home (source). These money transfers are not cheap. The average cost to send a remittance (a.k.a money […]

smarter ways to save money

Sponsored content by Lemonade Insurance Company If you’re in the habit of buying stuff you don’t need, like signing up for gym memberships you never use, you might also be paying too much for things like bank fees, loans, and insurance. No matter if you’re living the single-life or juggling a few rugrats, you’re likely […]

Axiom Bank Plan your financial future with AxiomGO

Sponsored content by Axiom Bank October is National Financial Planning Month, and there’s no better time to evaluate whether you’re setting yourself up for long-term success. While budgeting helps you meet short-term needs and goals, financial planning is more about thinking years in advance. The good news is, you can take several simple steps to […]